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Kashiwa Reysol

Kashiwa Reysol is a football (soccer) club from Japan.

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About Kashiwa Reysol

is a J. League Division 1 team. Its home town is Kashiwa, Chiba, Chiba Prefecture, about an hour northeast of Tokyo.


Founded in 1940 as Hitachi, Ltd. Soccer Club in Koganei, Tokyo, the team was a founding member of the Japan Soccer League. It had some success during the mid-1970s, winning several Emperor's Cup and JSL titles and contributing several players to the Japan national football team.

In 1986, the team relocated from Koganei to Kashiwa, but it took a while to adapt to the new town, as they were relegated to the JSL Division 2 at the season's closing. They made it back to the top flight in 1989, only to drop back in 1990 and return in 1991. As the J. League advent had come too soon for them, Hitachi chose to relegate itself in the last JSL season.

The team joined the Japan Football League (former) in 1992 and added Careca of the Brazil national football team with the aim of winning the JFL champion for promotion to the J1 league in 1993. Kashiwa Reysol struggled; however, with the help of Hisao Ariga, Careca and Ze Sergio Kashiwa Reysol were a great force. The quest was unsuccessful and the team barely managed to come in at the fifth spot. In 1994 the team secured the second spot in the JFL and earned promotion to the top league. From 1995, it was in the J1 and in 1998, the team welcomed the former manager for Japan's Olympic team, Akira Nishino (footballer) as its manager. In 1999, it won its first title, the Nabisco Cup Championship. The 1999 and 2000 seasons marked a relative highpoint in the club's history.

Over the next two seasons, management changes, in particular the tenure of English coach Steve Perryman, unsettled the team and they lost ground. Things got worse still. Following a 16th place out of 18 finish in the 2005 standings, Kashiwa Reysol lost the J. League Promotion/Relegation Series against the 3rd place J2 team Ventforet Kofu. For the first time, three J1 teams were sent down to J2.

Following relegation the team lost all its former players. It began 2006 with both a new coach, Nobuhiro Ishizaki, and an almost entirely new squad. Kashiwa lead J2 for much of 2006, but a series of poor performances in the later stages saw them slip down the table. It was only in the final game of the season that the team secured automatic promotion to J1 as first-placed runners-up.

In 2009 they were relegated again, but in 2010 they won the J2 title and in 2011 J. League Division 1, against all predictions, won the J1 title, becoming the first Japanese team to win the second and first tier titles back-to-back. By winning the title in 2011, they also qualified for the 2011 FIFA Club World Cup.


Historically, Kashiwa's fiercest rivals have been JEF United Ichihara Chiba and Urawa Red Diamonds, both close neighbors. Other close rivals include Kashima Antlers and Omiya Ardija.

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- Pos. = Position in league
- Attendance/G = Average league attendance


Hitachi Soccer Club

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Kashiwa Reysol

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As of July 17, 2011

(Captain (association football))

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Notable Players

- Antônio Carlos Zago (1996–97)
- Careca (1993–96)
- Cesar Sampaio (2002)
- Cléber Santana Loureiro (2005)
- Dudu Cearense (2004)
- Edilson (1996–97), (2002–03)
- Elpídio Pereira da Silva Filho (1997–98)
- França (2005–10)
- Paulo Roberto Jamelli Júnior (1997)
- Jussiê Ferreira Vieira (2003)
- Márcio Nobre (2003)
- Luiz Antônio da Costa (1995)
- Nelson Luís Kerchner (1993–95)
- Reinaldo da Cruz Oliveira (2005)

- Valdir Benedito (1995–97)
- Zé Sérgio (1989–91)
- Hristo Stoichkov (1998–99)
- Everth Palacios (2005)
- Doumbia Seydou (2006–07)
- Yoichi Doi (1994–99)
- Yasuhiro Hato (2004–05)
- Nozomu Kato (1992-04)
- Wagner Lopes (1990–94)
- Tomokazu Myojin (1996-05)
- Akira Nishino (footballer) (1978–90)
- Harutaka Ono
- Kentaro Sawada
- Takahiro Shimotaira

- Ryozo Suzuki (1965–70)
- Keiji Tamada (1999-05)
- Yukio Tsuchiya (2005)
- Takeshi Watanabe (1995-04)
- Yoshitada Yamaguchi (1967–75)
- Yoshiteru Yamashita (2006)
- Pavel Badea (1999)
- Saša Drakulić (2000)
- Choi Sung-Kuk (2005)
- Hong Myung-Bo (1999-01)
- Hwang Sun-Hong (2000–02)
- Park Kun-Ha (2000)
- Yoo Sang-Chul (2001–02)

World Cup Players

2002 FIFA World Cup
- Tomokazu Myojin
- Hong Myung-Bo
- Hwang Sun-Hong
- Yoo Sang-Chul

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