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Tokushima Vortis

Tokushima Vortis is a football (soccer) club from Japan.

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About Tokushima Vortis

is a Japanese professional football (soccer) club, currently playing in the J. League Division 2. The team is located in Tokushima, Tokushima, Tokushima Prefecture. Their home stadium is Naruto Athletic Stadium, in Naruto, Tokushima.

The name, "Vortis" was named in 1997 (see below), and it was explained as a combination of Italian language "Vortice" (meaning whirlpool, after the famous Naruto whirlpool in Naruto Strait) , with the initials of other provinces in Shikoku island, Tosa Province (now Kochi Prefecture), Iyo Province (now Ehime Prefecture), and Sanuki Province (now Kagawa Prefecture). Ehime FC in Matsuyama, Ehime has since joined J.League, however, thereby nullifying Vortis' claim to represent all of Shikoku.


Founded in 1955 as Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd. Soccer Club, VORTIS joined the J-League in 2005. They are still sponsored by Otsuka's best-known brand, Pocari Sweat sports drink.

They were first promoted to the old Japan Soccer League Division 2 in 1989, but the company's reluctance to professionalize the team forced it to compete in the Japan Football League (former) and current Japan Football League. In the 1997 old JFL season, they first sported a Vortis Tokushima name, but the lack of fan interest at the time forced them to go back to the corporate identity. They finally adopted the Tokushima Vortis name for good after winning the new JFL championship in 2004 and being promoted.

The first season in J2 was naturally a difficult one for Vortis, but they surprised many sceptics with their determination and quality of play. The team rose as high as fourth place, at one point, before slipping down the table later in the season to finish ninth. In 2006, the team was forced to rebuild, as the players who took the team into the J.League began to hit the ceiling of their abilities, and made way for younger replace, ments. As a result, despoite the encouragement of a local rivalry with Ehime FC, Tokushima drifted down-table, and they followed it up with a last-place finish in 2007 and 2008. Clearly, there is still a long ways to go before the team can compete effectively at this level. For the time being, the objective for Tokushima Vortis fans will be to establish themselves as a solid and competitive team with healthy finances. Until this task is completed, it is too soon to start thinking about the next step, and the possibility of one day earning promotion to the J1; until then, they remain the only former JSL member currently a member of the J. League which has never competed in the top tier of Japanese football.

Record as J. League member

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- Pos. = Position in league
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- Japan Football League: 2

- Japanese Regional Leagues Shikoku: 4

Current players

As of July 22, 2010

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