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Metallurg Kuzbass

Metallurg Kuzbass is a football (soccer) club from Russia.

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About Metallurg Kuzbass

FC Metallurg-Kuzbass Novokuznetsk (Russian: ФК Металлург-Кузбасс Новокузнецк) is a Russian football (soccer) club. In 2008, the club was relegated to the Russian Second Division.

Recent history

MKN were relegated to the Russian Second Division after an 18th-placed finish in 2005, and only finished 2nd in the "East" region, thus keeping them down another season. However, FC Lada Togliatti and FC Dynamo Makhachkala were denied licences for the First Division and thus also relegated. This, alongside the bankruptcy of FC Angusht Nazran, pushed Metallurg up alongside other second-place finishers SKA Rostov-na-Donu and FC Mordovia Saransk.

League results

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Period = from:01/01/1991 till:01/07/2011
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from:01/07/1991 till:01/07/1992 shift:(0,-4) text:9
from:01/07/1992 till:01/07/1993 shift:(0,-4) text:11
from:01/07/1993 till:01/07/1994 shift:(0,-4) text:7
from:01/07/1994 till:01/07/1995 shift:(0,-4) text:4
from:01/07/1995 till:01/07/1996 shift:(0,-4) text:4
from:01/07/1996 till:01/07/1997 shift:(0,-4) text:13
from:01/07/1997 till:01/07/1998 shift:(0,-4) text:1
from:01/07/1998 till:01/07/1999 shift:(0,-4) text:1
from:01/07/1999 till:01/07/2000 shift:(0,-4) text:1
from:01/07/2000 till:01/07/2001 shift:(0,-4) text:2
from:01/07/2001 till:01/07/2002 shift:(0,-4) text:1
from:01/07/2002 till:01/07/2003 shift:(0,-4) text:13
from:01/07/2003 till:01/07/2004 shift:(0,-4) text:16
from:01/07/2004 till:01/07/2005 shift:(0,-4) text:18
from:01/07/2005 till:01/07/2006 shift:(0,-4) text:2
from:01/07/2006 till:01/07/2007 shift:(0,-4) text:16
from:01/07/2007 till:01/07/2008 shift:(0,-4) text:16
from:01/07/2008 till:01/07/2009 shift:(0,-4) text:4
from:01/07/2009 till:01/07/2010 shift:(0,-4) text:6
from:01/07/2010 till:01/07/2011 shift:(0,-4) text:

from:01/07/1991 till:01/07/1993 color:bl2 shift:(0,13) text: "Russian First Division"
from:01/07/1993 till:01/07/2002 color:rs shift:(0,13) text: "Russian Second Division"
from:01/07/2002 till:01/07/2005 color:bl2 shift:(0,13) text: "Russian First Division"
from:01/07/2005 till:01/07/2006 color:rs shift:(0,13) text: "Russian Second Division"
from:01/07/2006 till:01/07/2008 color:bl2 shift:(0,13) text: "Russian First Division"
from:01/07/2008 till:01/07/2011 color:rs shift:(0,13) text: "Russian Second Division"

As of February 24, 2012, according to the

Notable past players

- Serghei Clescenco
- Konstantīns Igošins

Team Colours

MKN's home kit features green shirts, white shorts and green socks.

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