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Arsenal Kyiv

Arsenal Kyiv is a football (soccer) club from Ukraine.

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About Arsenal Kyiv

FC Arsenal Kyiv is a professional Association football club from the Ukraine capital of Kiev.


In the 1950s, a different club under the same name Arsenal Kyiv won the 1958 Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic Championship. However in 1963 the club was renamed to "Temp Kyiv". In 1964 the club was replaced by FC Dynamo-2 Kyiv in the Soviet Second League. The origin of the current Arsenal club is disputed; some consider it to be part of the FC CSKA Kyiv heritage (for its full history see FC CSKA Kyiv) another of FC Boryspil. In 1994 CSKA merged with FC Boryspil under the name CSKA-Borysfen Boryspil. After a series of successful seasons the club made its way from the Ukrainian Third League to the Ukrainian Premier League. The club has continuously competed in the top flight since the 1995–96 Ukrainian Premier League.

In 1996 CSKA-Borysfen split into two different clubs FC CSKA Kyiv and FC Borysfen Boryspil. The management of CSKA-Borysfen decided to recreate a club in Boryspil (near Kiev), while CSKA was reorganized under the Ministry of Defense as the first team of CSKA. Simultaneously the actual CSKA that was competing at the lower division has won a promotion and later was reorganized as the second team, CSKA-2. Borysfen after competing at the amateur level of the Kiev Oblast has applied to the professional competition and entered the lower divisions of the championship (for further story of the club see FC Borysfen Boryspil).

The army-men has also managed to appear in the domestic cup's finals twice (1998 Ukrainian Cup Final and 2001 Ukrainian Cup Final), where it lost both times: first against city-rivals FC Dynamo Kyiv and then against FC Shakhtar Donetsk. The club's greatest achievements include a successful UEFA Europa League run in the season of 2001–02 UEFA Cup, defeating the now defunct Finland side FC Jokerit and Serbian giants Red Star Belgrade.

Arsenal Kyiv

After the 2000 financial crisis at CSKA the club lost its funding from the Ministry and was on the brink to be dissolved. The Kiev city government on the initiative of Oleksandr Omelchenko bought the club in 2001 reorganizing it under the name of Arsenal. The CSKA-2 once again became the primary team of the Army football club.

While under the city government's ownership, Arsenal has struggled financially, resorting to loaning many of its first squad players. The city had decreased funding to the club significantly as it sought to reduce its numerous sports holdings. In May 2007, it was announced that the club would be demoted due to financial issues, however soon afterward it was revealed that Arsenal would be purchased by Ukrainian oligarchs, Vadim Rabinovich. The new owner started actively financing the club and its transfers. In January 2009 the Mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetskyi bought Arsenal Kyiv for 1 Ukrainian hryvnia from Rabynovich; Chernovetskiy’s 30-year-old son Stepan became the club’s president. Next year Rabynovich bought the club back due to the poor management.


- Oleh Kuznetsov (2001–02)
- Vyacheslav Hrozny (2002–04)
- Serhiy Krakovskyi (2004)
- Oleksandr Baranov (2004–05)
- Ihor Babynchuk (2005)
- Oleksandr Zavarov (2005–07)
- Vasyl Yevseyev (2007)
- Oleksandr Zavarov (2007–09)
- Vyacheslav Hrozny (2010)
- Yuriy Bakalov (2010)
- Vasyl Yevseyev (2010)
- Yuriy Bakalov (2010–11)
- Leonid Kuchuk (2011–)


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