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Borisfen Boryspil

Borisfen Boryspil is a football (soccer) club from Ukraine.

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About Borisfen Boryspil

FC Borysfen Boryspil was a Ukraine football (soccer) club from Boryspil, Ukraine. It was founded in February 1993.

In 1993 the club was merged with FC Nyva Myronivka under name Nyva-Borysfen. In 1994, after the winter break, the club was renamed into FC Boryspil while another team from village Karapyshi, Myronivka Raion moved to Raion seat under the name of Nyva. Later the new Nyva was renamed into Nyva-Kosmos. In the middle 1994-95 season the Boryspil club merged again, now with the struggling Army's team FC CSKA Kyiv that was playing in the lower leagues. Soon enough it was decided to relocate the team to Kiev as FC Arsenal Kyiv changing its name. The same year the club gained promotion to the top league, while the original CSKA becoming the farm-club of Borysfen also got promoted to the second league. Later in 1997 CSKA-Borysfen changed its name once again to FC CSKA Kyiv and FC CSKA Kyiv of lower leagues was degraded to CSKA-2.

In 1997 a new club was reestablished under the name of FC Borysfen Borysfen and started at amateur level and soon was promoted to the Druha Liha. The club eventually won through to the Ukrainian Premier League, but by 2005 they finished in last position and were relegated back to the Persha Liha. In the 2005-06 and 2006-07 seasons played in the Persha Liha. In 2007, after the winter break, the club suffered financial difficulties, went into bankruptcy and folded.


- Ukrainian Second League: 1
- Ukrainian Second League Cup: 1


- Ukrainian First League: 2

- Ukrainian Second League: 2

League and cup history

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