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Tavriya Simferopol

Tavriya Simferopol is a football (soccer) club from Ukraine.

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About Tavriya Simferopol

SC Tavriya Simferopol (, , ) is a football club from Simferopol, Crimea, which plays in the Ukrainian Premier League. Tavriya is Crimea's most successful football club and is the winner of the very first Ukrainian Premier League 1992, making them one out of 3 teams that have ever held this title.


The club was founded in 1958, under the name 'Avanhard'. Tavriya played their first game in the USSR Championship against the Yaroslavl based club Khimik Yaroslavl. Overall, Tavriya played 132 clubs from 113 cities. They played their last match of the Soviet competition against FC Uralmash Yekaterinburg.


After the fall of the Soviet Union, Ukrainian Premier League was formed. Tavria was one of its founders and eventually became the very first Ukrainian champion, defeating in the final, held in Lviv, Dynamo Kyiv, Ukraine's most successful club. Having earned the right to participate in UEFA Champions League, Tavryia were knocked out in the first round by Switzerland club FC Sion. The Russian Sport-Express posted an article (№3 (43), January 25, 2000, page 9) stating that the Ukrainian champions Tavria were threatened by the Football Federation of Ukraine to compete at the CIS Cup in 1993.

Tavria is one of the 5 clubs to have so far participated in every season of the Ukrainian premier league. Their best performance in the Ukrainian Cup was reaching the final in 1994, when they have beaten by Chornomorets Odessa. They have reached the semi-final stages on two other occasions.

On December 29, 2005 club owner Serhiy Kunitsyn fired the team's coach, Oleh Fedorchuk. On January 5, 2006 Tavriya signed Mykhailo Fomenko for a half-year contract.


- JSB Bank Clearing House (bank);
- Crimea Titan PJSC (chemical plant);
- Leader (radiostation).

European record


- Ukrainian Premier League: Ukrainian Premier League 1992

- Ukrainian Cup: 2010 Ukrainian Cup Final
- Runner-Up: 1994 Ukrainian Cup Final

Squad is compiled according to the club's official website, as of February 29, 2012.

Out on loan

Famous players

- Junior Godoi
- Vidmantas Vishniauskas
- Harrison Omokoh
- Ionel Pârvu
- Saša Todić
- Andriy Dikan
- Yuri Dmytrulin
- Edmar Aparecida
- Oleksandr Holovko
- Maksym Levytskyi
- Oleksandr Kovpak
- Gennady Logofet (1984)
- Volodymyr Muntyan
- Pavlo Kostin (1994)
- Andriy Cheremysin (1994)
- Vitaliy Shalychev (1995)
- Ruvyn Aronov (caretaker) (1995)
- Valeriy Shvedyuk (caretaker) (1995)
- Anatoliy Zayaev (1995)
- Ivan Balan (1996)
- Serhiy Shevchenko (1996)
- Mykola Pavlov (1997)
- Valeriy Shvedyuk (caretaker) (1997) and
- Ivan Balan (caretaker) (1997)
- Ivan Balan (1998)
- Viktor Hrachov (1998)
- Valeriy Petrov (1999)
- Anatoly Korobochka (1999–00)
- Volodymyr Muntyan (2000)
- Oleksandr Ischenko (2000–01)
- Anatoliy Zayaev (2001)
- Valeriy Petrov (2001–2002)
- Anatoliy Zayaev (2002–04)
- Mykola Pavlov (2004–05)
- Oleh Fedorchuk (2005–06)
- Mykhailo Fomenko (2006–Sep. 2008)
- Serhiy Puchkov (Sep. 2008–Sep. 2010)
- Valeriy Petrov (interim) (Sep. 2010-May 2011)
- Oleksandr Shudryk (interim) (May 2011-Jun. 2011)
- Semen Altman (Jun. 2011-)

League and Cup history


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