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Kremin Kremenchuk

Kremin Kremenchuk is a football (soccer) club from Ukraine.

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About Kremin Kremenchuk

FC Kremin Kremenchuk (; ) is a Ukraine association football club based in Kremenchuk. Since the 2005–06 season, the club has taken part in the Ukrainian Second League. From 1992–97, Kremin played in the Ukrainian Premier League, after being initially chosen to participate for being one of the top 9 (of 11) Ukrainian teams from the West Division of the Soviet Second League in 1991. Kremin spent the next two seasons in Ukrainian First League and was demoted further to Ukrainian Second League in 1999. Soon after that the club folded and ceased to exist until 2003 when a new team was created. For the first two seasons Kremin played in the Poltava Oblast Championship and in the Ukrainian Second League 2005-06 season it joined once again with the new name FC Kremin Krimenchuk.

Kremin Kremenchuk's best achievement in the Ukrainian Premier League was 9th place (twice, in Ukrainian Premier League 1992-93 and Ukrainian Premier League 1995-96).


Home colors are blue shirts, blue shorts, and blue socks.
Away uniforms are white shirts, white shorts, and white socks.

The team kits are produced by Puma AG and the shirt sponsor is KremenchukMiaso


Since the club's foundation, Kremin has had three main crests.

Image:KreminOlderlogo.png in Komsomolsk, while Polytechnic Stadium is under repair. City officials have announced plans to have a FC Kremin Stadium stadium built.


2009–2010 squad

The squad is provided according to the club's official website and by Professional Football League of Ukraine.

(Captain (association football))




Famous past players

- Andriy Fedkov
- Serhiy Atelkin
- Oleh Matviiv
- Leonov

Technical staff

- Yuriy Chumak – Head Coach
- Vitaliy Stepanenko – Physician

Past Head coaches

- Viktor Berest
- Kamenskiy
- Evhen Rudakov (1994)
- Valery Yaremchenko (1995–96)
- Serhiy Svystun (2003–08)

League and cup history

Soviet Union (−1991)

Play-off (4 place), Relegated

Ukraine (1992–2001)


Kremin (2003–)




- Poltava Oblast Cup: 1

- Poltava Oblast Champions: 2

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