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Zorya-MALS Lugansk

Zorya-MALS Lugansk is a football (soccer) club from Ukraine.

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About Zorya-MALS Lugansk

FC Zorya Luhansk ( FC Zarya Lugansk), formerly known as Zorya Voroshilovgrad and Zorya-MALS, is a Ukraine association football team. Zorya Luhansk is based in the city of Luhansk (formerly known as Voroshilovgrad), Luhansk Oblast, Ukraine.


The history of the club takes place at the dawn of the 20th century right after in the city of Luhansk was built the first stadium. The stadium was built in 1922 under the personal order of Vladimir Lenin and later was named after him. The first games that involved participation of the Luhansk's teams first mentioned in 1911 and in 1913 in Kostyantynivka was created the regional football league of Donets basin (Russian abbreviation – Donbass). During the World War I and the following Soviet and German aggressions the league was suspended until 1920 when the situation in the region had stabilized.

The first Luhansk team was created in the Russian Empire in 1908 when the workers of the Luhanskteplovoz created the "Society of wise recreations". The football section was headed by the Czech specialist Henrich Drževikovski from Prague who was an instructor of gymnastics of the factory's ministerial school. That team played its games and conducted its training on the empty lot near the factory where today is located the sport hall "Zorya".

In 1923 the workers of the Luhansk Luhanskteplovoz of the October Revolution (hence – the club's logo with a locomotive) organized their football team "Metalist" which became the forerunner of today's Zorya. The following year there was organized a championship of the newly created Luhansk okrug. In the final game the collective city team of Luhansk was victorious against its rival from the city of Snizhne winning it in overtime 1:0. In 1926 the All-Ukrainian Committee of the Mining Workers' council organized a team of Donbass miners that was based on the football players from Kadiyevka for tour games in Germany (Weimar Republic). There the Donbass team won four of their eight games. The following year in Luhansk took place an international game when the city team was challenged by their rivals from Austria. The Donbass players lost the game.

In 1972 Zorya did not only win its only Soviet championship, but also represented, re-enforced with only three players from other clubs, the USSR at the Brazilian Independence Cup (Taça Independência) mid-year. However only Vladimir Onishchenko represented the club at the UEFA Euro 1972 Final few weeks earlier.

In the season 2005–06 the team won the first place in the Persha Liha, and has been promoted to the Vyscha Liha. Zorya was one of the original twenty teams to debut for Ukrainian Premier League 1992 of the Ukrainian Premier League. The team played for five seasons until the Ukrainian Premier League 1995-96 in which they finished eighteenth and where sent down to the Persha Liha. Zorya relegated to Druha Liha in 1996–97 season but she returned to Persha Liha in 2003–2004 season.

As Zorya Voroshilovgrad, the club had won the USSR Championship in 1972.


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Soviet Union

- Soviet Top League
- - Winners (1): 1972 Soviet Top League
- Soviet Cup
- - Runners-up (2): Soviet_Cup Finals, Soviet_Cup Finals


- Ukrainian First League
- - Winners (1): Ukrainian First League 2005-06
- Ukrainian Second League
- - Winners (1): Ukrainian Second League 2002-03
- - Runners-up (1): Ukrainian Second League 1998-99

Squad is given according to the club's official site

Out on loan

Famous players

- Timerlan Huseinov
- Vladimir Onischenko
- Yozhef Sabo
- Oleksandr Zavarov
- Anatoliy Kuksov (1990–93)
- Anatoliy Shakun (1993–94)
- Volodymyr Kobzaryov (1994)
- Yuriy Sevastyanov (1995)
- Anatoliy Korshykov (1995)
- Oleksandr Zhuravlyov (1995)
- Anatoliy Kuksov (1996–97)
- Samir Gasanov (−2006)
- Yuriy Koval (2004–06)
- Yuriy Malyhin (caretaker) (2006)
- Volodymyr Bezsonov (2006)
- Yuriy Malyhin (caretaker) (2006–07)
- Oleksandr Kosevych (2007–08)
- Anatoliy Volobuev (2008–09)
- Yuri Dudnyk (temporary) (2009)
- Yuriy Koval (2009)
- Anatoly Chantsev (2009–)

League and Cup history


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