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Gaziantepspor is a football (soccer) club from Turkey.

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About Gaziantepspor

Gaziantepspor is a professional Turkey Association football club located in the city of Gaziantep. Formed in 1969, Gaziantepspor are nicknamed the Şahinler (The Falcons). The club colours are black and red, and they play their home matches at Gaziantep Kamil Ocak Stadium.


The first sports club in Gaziantep was founded by students at the United States College in 1923. Several other clubs were founded soon after; Altınışık, Kilis İdman Yurdu Spor Kulübü, and Türkocağı Spor Kulübü. However, these clubs didn't last long, with Altınışık and Türkocağı folding in 1929 and 1931 respectively. Türkocağı went on to merge with Sanatkarlar Spor Kulübü to form Gaziantep İdman Yurdu. The club didn't register in time for the Gaziantep amateur league and were only permitted to compete in friendly matches. Gaziantep Idman Yurdu disbanded in 1932.

There were no clubs in Gaziantep until 1938, with the sports branch of the community centre taking over and running all sporting activities. Gaziantepspor was founded in the early months of 1969. Important figures in Gaziantep held a meeting with then-mayor Abdülkadir Batur in order to form the club. A total of 58 people helped with the foundation of Gaziantepspor in 1969. The first president of the club was Beşir Bayram. The club contested friendly matches in their first season. They were allowed to join the 3.Lig in 1970. In their first season of professional football, Gaziantepspor finished third in the 3.Lig, Yeşil Grup (Green Group).

The club finished second in the 2.Lig in 1974–75, barely missing promotion by three points. Gaziantepspor were promoted to the top-flight after the 1978–79 season. The club managed to stay afloat in their first season in the 1.Lig, finishing one point above the relegation zone. The club was relegated in 1983, but earned promotion back to the top-flight in 1990, where they have competed since. The club had the best position in the top-flight as 3rd in 1999–2000 and 2000–2001 seasons.


Gaziantepspor which bears the name of Gaziantep city was founded in first days of 1969. . Gaziantep citys’ leading people made a meeting under the chairmanship of Mayor Abdulkadir Batur and they made a first attempt for the foundation of the club.
Later on,as a result of continuing meetings, Gaziantepspor Club was founded in 1969 with the participation of 58 people. At the end of the discourses on Gaziantepspors’ colurs;a lament color black, in memoriam of 6317 martyries who did not surrender city at the hazards of their lifes to an enemies in the Defense of Gaziantep which is an example to whole world as a bravery epic and a red which symbolizes our martyries’ blood, were chosen as the Club colors Red and Black. Besir Bayram who was a founder member, has been a first president of the Gaziantepspor Club.

Gaziantepspor finished its first season by playing friendly matches. Red – blacks started to play in the Turkish League in 1970–1971 season through a decree executed in 1970 which allowed city teams play directly in the third division.

Who is Kamil Ocak

Kamil Ocak who was elected as a member of parliament and a minister of state on 10 October 1965, was born in Gaziantep on 19 February 1914. He was a son of Şıh Mustafa Efendi who was ex-mayor of the Gaziantep city and one of a prayer leader of Mevlevi’s from Konya. He was graduated from primary school in Gaziantep. Then he went to Robert College of İstanbul.
He was graduated from commercial department of Robert College. After working 3 years in Central Bank,he served in the army as a reserve officer. In 1940 he was appointed to directorship of weaver’s cooperative in Gaziantep. He stayed on this job for 8 years. At the same time, in 1941 he engaged in politics. In 1946 elections he was a candidate from Demokrat Party. In 1948, he was appointed to directorship of the Association of Pistachio and Agriculture Cooperatives. He conducted this association as a general manager till 1960. In 1950 he was chosen as a local district president and in 1951 as a provincial chairman. He stayed on this job until 1957. From 17 November 1955 until 16 November 1956 he was mayor of Gaziantep city. In 1961 elections he was a candidate from AP to be a member of parliament. In 1962 he was chosen as a local district president from AP and he carried on this job until 1965. In 1963 local elections he was chosen as a member of Gaziantep city council and sometimes he served as a vice chairman. He was married to Mrs Mübeccel who was Fevzi Ocak’s daughter and he had 2 sons and 2 daughters totaling 4 children. Kamil Ocak spoke English and French fluently. In 1965 elections he entered parliament as an AP deputy and he was appointed as a minister for sport by Süleyman Demirel’s new cabinet. During his ministry, he built 1 stadium and 1 gymnasium in Gaziantep. Still there is a stadium, a gymnasium and a sport complex which carries his name. Kamil Ocak died in 1969 in Ankara.

Club Emblem

Gaziantepspor’s emblem represents the cities landmarks and was designed under the guidance of ex-chairman Celal Doğan. Gaziantep castle is symbolized by the outline of the logo. Above the Gaziantep banner lies the martrys memorial, the checkered background represents the cities treat to the world, the famous desert ‘Baklava’. In the foreground is a Falcon which is the clubs nickname as well as the name of one of the cities heroes Şahinbey.


The club enjoy most of their support from the city and surrounding provinces. Their main ultra group is called Gençlik 27, (Youngers 27), 27 corresponds to the cities code. Gençlik 27 was founded in 1996 by Hasan Günoğlu also known as Hasan Reis (Reis meaning Boss). The supporter group are renowned for creating a great atmosphere at home games with their red flares flags and are found in the 5th and 6th stands behind the goal. They are not known for acts of hooliganism and violence and hardly any crowd trouble is reported at games.

League Participations

- Turkish Super League: 1979–83, 1990–
- TFF First League: 1972–79, 1983–90
- TFF Second League: 1970–72

Participations in Super League and Cups

- Bank Asya 1. Lig


- TSYD Cup (Ankara) :
Winners (1)
- TSYD Cup (Adana):
Winners (5)
- Gençlik ve Spor Bakanlığı Cup :
Winners (1978–79)

European Participations

- Bekir İrtegün
- Bülent Bölükbaşı
- Cem Beceren
- Devran Ayhan
- Ekrem Dağ
- Emrah Eren
- Erdal Kılıçaslan
- Ergün Penbe
- Erhan Albayrak
- Erhan Namlı
- Fatih Tekke
- Gökhan Zan
- Hakan Bayraktar
- Hasan Özer
- İbrahim Toraman
- İbrahim Üzülmez
- İsmail Köybaşı
- Kemal Aslan
- Mehmet Yozgatlı
- Metin Akçevre
- Murat Ceylan
- Murat Şahin
- Olcan Adın
- Ömer Çatkıç
- Ramazan Tunç
- Tamer Tuna
- Tolga Seyhan
- Veysel Cihan
- Yusuf Şimşek

- Ismael Sosa
- Christian Rodrigo Zurita
- Roland Linz
- Maksim Romaschenko
Bosnia and Herzegovina
- Elvir Bolić
- Kenan Hasagić
- Almir
- André Roberto Soares da Silva
- Eduardo Ferreira Abdo Pacheco
- Ivan Saraiva de Souza
- João Batista Casemiro Marques
- Jorge Luiz Sousa
- Júlio César Santos Correa
- Júlio César da Silva e Souza
- Francisco Lima
- Mimocan de Souza Santos Oliviera
- Rodrigo Tabata
- Viola (footballer)
- Wágner
- Zdravko Lazarov
- Ivelin Popov
- Armand Deumi
- Stjepan Tomas

- Kodjo Afanou
- Kaba Diawara
- Samuel Johnson (footballer born 1973)
- Yaw Preko
- Tarik El Taib
- Žydrūnas Karčemarskas
- Fernand Coulibaly
- Antonio de Nigris
- Nikola Drinčić
- Giani Stelian Kiriţă
- Désiré Mbonabucya
South Africa
- Steve Komphela
- Riadh Bouazizi
- Ziad Jaziri

Note: Bolded footballer are played their national football teams during played in Gaziantepspor.

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