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Trabzonspor is a football (soccer) club from Turkey.

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About Trabzonspor

Trabzonspor is a professional Turkey Association football club located in the city of Trabzon, Turkey. Formed in 1967 through a merger of several local clubs, Trabzonspor won six championships in Turkish Super League. The Club won their first Championship title in 1975 which is also the Club's initiation year in Turkish Super League. Trabzonspor won the championship title again during their second year in the Turkish Super League in 1976, was runner-up in 1977 and won 3 Championship titles in a row during the following years 1978, 1979, 1980. The club colours are claret and blue, and they play their home matches at Hüseyin Avni Aker Stadium. The club has donned maroon and blue kits since the merger, and have played at their present ground since 1967.

Domestically, Trabzonspor is known as one of the "Top 4 Soccer/Football Clubs" of Turkey based on the number of cups won. They have won the Süper Lig (top-flight) six times, and are known as the first non Istanbul-based club who ever achieved such a feat and the only club to win the championship during their first year (as well as the second year) in Turkish Super League. They have also won the Turkish Cup (Turkish Cup) eight times. From 1976 to 1984, Trabzonspor won a total of 30 trophies: Super League (6), Federation (Turkish) Cup (8), Turkish Super Cup (Super Cup) (8), the Chancellor Cup (Chancellor Cup) (5), Red Group Championship Second Division (İkinci Lig Kırmızı Grup Şampiyonası) (1) and Cyprus Peace Cup (Kıbrıs Barış Kupası) (1). They have the distinction of being the only Turkish club to win both men's and women's top level football league titles.


In the Beginning (1923–1973)

They are always in the shadow of the Turkish team Galatasaray S.K. who are clearly the better team compared to them. Gassaray Trabzonu siker. The score was 2-0. However, during the World War I, İdman Yurdu was abolished for the general mobilization for war. Because every man, from 17-40 were called join the army. After that during the Russian Occupy (1916-1918) Akritas football team supported by local Greek businessmen but after the 1992 Population exchange between Greece and Turkey between Greece and Turkey it was abolished too. The first official football club of Trabzon was İdman Ocağı, founded 1921 by Hüseyin Avni Aker. The form of the team was yellow and red. İn the same year Trabzon had another football club named İdman Group. There have been hard matches between those two teams for years. In 1922, six football teams were appeared in trabzon: Necmi Ati, Gençler Birliği and Lise İdman Yurdu were strong ones among them. The first matches in İstanbul organized between İdman Ocağı, Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray in 1923. In 1925, Batumi Football team was invited to Trabzon have a special match. Score was 2-0. In 1965, the Government had a project that contaied to spread football to Anatolian cities. According to the project football teams would called with the same name of the cities.

At the start of the 1962–63 in Turkish football, then president of the Turkish Football Federation (TFF), Orhan Şeref Apak, asked cities to combine their football clubs into one representative team that would compete in the TFF First League. However, due to the rivalry between İdmanocağı and İdmangücü, the city of Trabzon weren't able to merge their clubs. City and club officials would meet morning and night to iron out an agreement, but were unable to come to a compromise until 1967. Instead, only İdmanocağı, Martıspor, and Yıldızspor merged together on 21 June 1966. They began wearing yellow and red kits and competed in the 2.Lig (Second Division). They finished in eighth place their first season, as well as runners-up to Eskişehirspor in the Chancellor Cup. A month later, İdmangücü, Karadenizgücü, Martıspor, and Yolspor merged to form Trabzonspor. Their club colours were red and white. They would compete in the 2.Lig until 1974, when they earned promotion.

The Özyazıcı Era

Ahmet Suat Özyazıcı took over as manager in 1973, having played for İdmanocağı, the precursor club to Trabzonspor. Before Özyazıcı, the club competed in the 2.Lig. In his first season in charge, Özyazıcı lead Trabzon to the 1.Lig (Süper Lig, First Division). The club finished 9th in their first full season in the top-flight. The next season, Trabzon finished in first place. They became the first club outside of Istanbul to win the league title, and remained the only team outside of the 'Big Three' to win the title until Bursaspor won in 2010. Under Özyazıcı, Trabzonspor began a spell of dominance. The club did the double during the 1976–77 in Turkish football, winning the Süper Lig and Türkiye Kupası, as well as the Süper Kupa. After a second place finish and another Türkiye Kupası win in 1977–78 in Turkish football, Özyazıcı was replaced by Özkan Sümer. Sümer won the league and Türkiye Kupası, but was replaced by Özyazıcı the following season. Özyazıcı and Sümer would continue switching posts, with the team winning more titles and cups.

Trabzonspor won a total of seventeen trophies during Özyazıcı's most successful period. These 17 trophies included six Süper Lig titles (Özyazıcı – 4, Sümer – 2), three Türkiye Kupası (Özyazıcı – 3, Sümer – 0), six Turkish Super Cup (Özyazıcı – 4, Sümer – 2), and two Chancellor Cup (Özyazıcı – 2, Sümer – 0). The club also beat then-English champions Liverpool F.C 1 – 0 in the first leg of their second round match-up in the 1976–77 European Cup. They went on to lose 0 – 3 in the second leg. Özyazıcı returned to the club several times throughout the late 80s to late 90s, but was unable to repeat the success he brought to the club during his first stints. Since 1984, the club has failed to win a league title. However, they have won the Türkiye Kupası five times since then, the most recent in 2010. Şenol Güneş has been the most successful successor to Özyazıcı, winning the Türkiye Kupası twice, as well as a Süper Kupa and two Başbakanlık Kupası.

Club colours

Trabzonspor's colours are maroon and blue. The club came to the decision after five meetings with fans and club officials. At first, it was suggested the club should wear the predecessor colours together (yellow-red and green-white), but it was deemed not suitable. It was then suggested that a poll be held, but that was also quickly cast aside. The fans and club officials began to lose patience until TFF General Manager Ulvi Yenal came up with a compromise. He suggested that both clubs, İdmanocağı and İdmangücü, should choose a colour opposite of their own club colours. It was then both clubs came up with wearing the claret and blue made famous by the fathers of league football, Aston Villa F.C

Supporting Trabzonspor has become synonymous with being Trabzonlu (a person from Trabzon), there is a strong sense of city and regional pride in their team.

Trabzonspor don’t have a unified ultra group, instead they have many splinter groups and small ultra firms, 61 Gençlik, Çılgınlar, Vira to name a few, there are around 15-20 active groups.

61st minute celebrations

Trabzonspor are renowned for their 61st minute festivities, the stadium is set alight with fireworks, confetti and a jubilant crowd. This is a Trabzonspor tradition – 61 is their city code and in the 61st minute of every game the supporters go crazy and create a great atmosphere.


Trabzonspor have used Hüseyin Avni Aker Stadium throughout their history. The stadium was built in 1951 with 2,500 seats, and has been renovated in 1967, 1981, 1994–1998, 2008, and 2010. The current capacity is 28,169 seats. The field is made of natural grass and measures 68 by 105 meters. The stadium is named after Hüseyin Avni Aker, a teacher and educational administrator who contributed much to local sports in Trabzon.

Out on loan

Affiliated clubs

Trabzonspor A2 is a youth team of Trabzonspor. The club competes in the A2 league, alongside other A2 clubs around Turkey. The A2 team is made up of players between the ages of 18 and 20, and it is the last level of amateur play before a footballer reaches professional status in Turkey. Notable former players include Hami Mandıralı (highest capped Trabzonspor player (558 times)), Gökdeniz Karadeniz (most caps for the Turkish national team by a Trabzonspor player (50)), Fatih Tekke (Süper Lig 2004–05 top scorer (31 goals)), Hüseyin Çimşir, Mehmet Yılmaz (footballer born 1979), Tolga Zengin, and Metin Aktaş.

Trabzonspor Kulübü Bayan Futbol Takımı are a Turkey women's association football club affiliated with Trabzonspor. The club was founded in 2007, and won its first league title in 2009. With the championship win, Trabzonspor are the only club in Turkey to win both the men's and women's top-flight football competition. The women's team were invited to participate in the 2009–10 UEFA Women's Champions League. The club placed third in Group D, winning one match and losing two.

In 2008, Trabzonspor bought Trabzon Karadenizspor to act as a feeder club, having first option on players, as well as being able to loan out youngsters to gain first-team experience. The club also agreed to an affiliation deal with Dutch club MVV the same year, allowing them first option on their players. The first step in the affiliation deal came when Trabzonspor transferred Christian Brüls and Faty Papy and loaned them back to MVV.

Current staff

Notable former players

- Abdullah Ercan
- Alban Bushaj
- Ali Kemal Denizci
- Archil Arveladze
- Augustine Ahinful
- Bernd Thijs
- Ceyhun Eriş
- Çağdaş Atan
- Davor Vugrinec
- Daouda Jabi
- Cemil Usta
- Drago Gabrić
- Egemen Korkmaz
- Engin Baytar
- Fabiano Eller dos Santos
- Fatih Akyel
- Fatih Tekke
- Georgi Markov (footballer)
- Georgi Nemsadze

- Gocha Jamarauli
- Gökdeniz Karadeniz
- Gökhan Ünal
- Hami Mandıralı
- Hans Somers
- Hrvoje Čale
- Hüseyin Çimşir
- Ibrahim Yattara
- Igor Nikolovski
- Isaac Promise
- Jakson Coelho
- Jean-Jacques Missé-Missé
- Jefferson de Oliveira Galvão
- Jean-Marie Pfaff
- Jurgen Groh
- Karel D'Haene
- Karel Rada
- Kevin Campbell (footballer)
- Kiki Musampa

- Lars Olsen
- Lee Eul-Yong
- Levent Osman
- Marcelinho Paraíba
- Maxim Romaschenko
- Mehmet Aurélio
- Metin Aktaş
- Michael Petkovic
- Milan Stepanov
- Miodrag Ješić
- Mirosław Szymkowiak
- Necmi Perekli
- Ogün Temizkanoğlu
- Oktay Derelioğlu
- Orhan Çıkırıkçı
- Osman Özköylü
- Oumar Dieng
- Ömer Rıza
- Petar Milosevski

- Razundara Tjikuzu
- Rigobert Song
- Rune Lange
- Selçuk İnan
- Sergen Yalçın
- Shota Arveladze
- Şenol Güneş
- Tansel Baser
- Teofilo Gutierrez
- Todor Yanchev
- Tolga Seyhan
- Tolunay Kafkas
- Tomáš Jun
- Tony Sylva
- Turgay Semercioğlu
- Umut Bulut
- Ünal Karaman
- Viktor Hryshko
- Yuri Kalitvintsev

Noted managers

Listed below are the most successful managers in the history of the club. Periods listed are stints that included a cup win.



- Süper Lig
- - Winners (6): Turkish First Football League 1975–76, Turkish First Football League 1976–77, Turkish First Football League 1978–79, Turkish First Football League 1979–80, Turkish First Football League 1980–81, Turkish First Football League 1983–84.
- - Runners-up (7): Turkish First Football League 1977–78, Turkish First Football League 1981–82, Turkish First Football League 1982–83, Turkish First Football League 1994–95, Turkish First Football League 1995–96, Süper Lig 2003–04, Süper Lig 2004–05, Süper Lig 2010–11


- Turkish Cup
- - Winners (8): 1977, 1978, 1984, 1992, 1995, 2003, 2004, 2010 Turkish Cup Final
- - Runners-up (5): 1975, 1976, 1985, 1990, 1997

- Turkish Super Cup
- - Winners (8): 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1983, 1995, 2010

- Chancellor Cup
- - Winners (5): 1976, 1978, 1985, 1994, 1996
- - Runners-up (7): 19661, 1975, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1997, 1998
1As Trabzon İdmanocağı.

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