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Zonguldakspor is a football (soccer) club from Turkey.

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About Zonguldakspor

Zonguldakspor is a local football club in Zonguldak, Turkey. Also known as Kara Elmas (Black Diamond). The club was founded in 1945 as Kömürspor and won all of Zonguldak League until 1966. She admitted to Second League in 1966-67 season and took present name.


She promoted to Turkcell Super League after finishing as champion at White Group of Second League in 1973-74 season. She became a nightmare team for Big Trees at late 1970s and early 1980s. It was the most successful in 1979-80 season and became 3rd. She pined away after 4th in 1981-82 season and relegated to Third League after two successive seasons between 1987-1989. She yoyoed between old Second and Third Leagues after 1989. She was one of the founder teams of new Third League, which is fourth tier of Turkish League system in 2001. She promoted to TFF Second League after finishing as champion at Third Group of Third League in 2001–2002 season. She missed out promotion to TFF First League next season. She pined away again after 2002-2003 season and relegated to Third League after finishing 8th or last in Fourth Classifiment Group of Second League Category B in 2005–2006 season. She struggled to escaping from relegation to Amateur League because of financial straits until 2007-2008 season. She finally relegated to Zonguldak Super Amateur League after losing 3–2 away match against Beylerbeyi S.K., who is Galatasaray S.K.'s pilot team and promoted to Second League, at Round 29. She finished 13th or 4th from last in Fourth Group of Third League. Her relegation meant no representative of Zonguldak province at Turkish League since 2008. Zonguldakspor finished Zonguldak Super Amateur as runner-up in 2008-2009 season and as champion in 2009-10 one and finally qualified for Regional Amateur League. She finished 4th this group and was forced to play-out against Demir Madencilik Dilaverspor, play-off winner of Zonguldak Super Amateur. She lost it with 4-2 defeat in April 24, 2011 and relegated to Zonguldak Super Amateur. Zonguldakspor changed her name as Fenerspor and color as dark red-blue in May 10, 2011. Also Demir Madencilik Dilaverspor, was founded in 1986, changed her name from red-white to red-navy and was renamed as Zonguldakspor in May 18, 2011.

League participations

- Turkish Super League: 1974–88
- TFF First League: 1966–74, 1988–89, 1992–99
- TFF Second League: 1989–92, 1999–01, 2002–06
- TFF Third League: 2001–02, 2006–08
- Amateur League: 2008–

Notable players

- Şaban Kartal
- Bora Öztürk
- Özer Umdu
- Hamit Ayden
- İsa Ertürk
- Volkan Yayım
- Ayhan Akbin
- Muzaffer Badaloğlu
- Fuat Yaman
- Sercan Görgülü
- Tuğrul Duru
- Muammer Birdal
- Savaş Demiral
- Hamit Yüksel
- Tümer Metin

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