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FC Zürich

FC Zürich is a football (soccer) club from Switzerland.

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About FC Zürich

Fussballclub Zürich, commonly abbreviated to just FC Zürich, is a Switzerland association football club from the city of Zürich. The club was founded in 1896 and have won the Swiss Super League 12 times and the Swiss Cup 7 times. The club won the Swiss Super League 2008-09 and last won the Swiss Cup in 2005. They play their home games at the Letzigrund in Zürich, which seats 25,000.



The club was founded on 1 August 1896 by former members of the three local clubs (FC Turicum, FC Viktoria, and FC Excelsior). Zürich won its first title in the Swiss Super League in Swiss Super League 1901–02, but did not win it again until 1923–24 in Swiss football.

Until the 1930s, the club's sporting remit also included Rowing (sport), boxing, track and field athletics, and Team handball, but later focused solely on football.


Between 1925 and 1960, Zürich were in the "wilderness years," devoid of success. The club struggled to keep in the top flight and were relegated from the Super League in Swiss Super League 1933-34, playing in the Swiss Challenge League until 1941. In Swiss Super League 1940-41, they returned to the Super League, where they stayed until their relegation in the Swiss Super League 1945-46. They were back in the Super League in Swiss Super League 1947-48 and stayed in the top flight until relegated once more in Swiss Super League 1956-57. They were promoted from the Challenge League to contest the Swiss Super League 1958-59, finishing in third place.


This period was known as the "Golden Age (metaphor)" by the FCZ faithful. At this time, the club was run by the legendary President Edwin Nägeli and had players such as Köbi Kuhn, Fritz Künzli, Ilija Katić, René Botteron, and many more. Zürich won seven Swiss Super League in they years Swiss Super League 1962-63, Swiss Super League 1965-66, Swiss Super League 1967-68, Swiss Super League 1973-74, Swiss Super League 1974-75, Swiss Super League 1975-76 and Swiss Super League 1980-81. They also won the Swiss Cup five times in 1966, 1970, 1972, 1973, and in 1976. FCZ also had some success in Europe getting to the semi-finals of the European Cup 1963–64, before losing to Real Madrid C.F. and also reaching the semi-finals in the European Cup 1976–77, where they lost to Liverpool F.C..


Following the club's Swiss Super League 1980-81, the club went into a decline and in Swiss Super League 1987-88, the club was relegated to the Challenge League. Zürich returned to the top league in 1990. The club did make it to last 16 of the UEFA Cup 1998–99, but were beaten by A.S. Roma. The club won the Swiss Cup in 2000, beating FC Lausanne-Sport in the final and also in 2005 beating FC Luzern.

Recent years

On 13 May 2006, FCZ ended their 25 years wait for a league title with a dramatic final day victory against FC Basel to win the Super League. They won thanks to a goal scored in the 93rd minute by Iulian Filipescu. The goal gave FCZ a 2 – 1 victory and secured the title on goal difference over Basel. In Swiss Super League 2006-07, they also won the league.

In the Swiss Super League 2007-08, FCZ finished in third place. In the Swiss Super League 2008-09, they won the league, edging out BSC Young Boys. In the Swiss Super League 2010-11 FCZ finished second.


- Swiss Super League
- - Winners (12): Swiss Super League 1901–02, Swiss Super League 1923-24, Swiss Super League 1962-63, Swiss Super League 1965-66, Swiss Super League 1967-68, Swiss Super League 1973-74, Swiss Super League 1974-75, Swiss Super League 1975-76, Swiss Super League 1980-81, Swiss Super League 2005-06, Swiss Super League 2006-07, Swiss Super League 2008-09
- Swiss Cup
- - Winners (7): 1966, 1970, 1972, 1973, 1976, 2000, 2005
- Swiss League Cup
- - Winners (1): 1981
- European Champions Cup (UEFA Champions League)
- - Semi-finalists, European Cup 1963–64 and European Cup 1976–77
- Sir Thomas Lipton Trophy
- - Fourth place, 1911


Local club Grasshopper-Club Zürich, along with FC Basel, are the main rivals of FCZ. Due to the intense rivalry, these matches are s-called "High Risk Games," with an increased Law enforcement in Switzerland presence in and around the stadium.

Zürich Derby

Since its inception, FCZ has always had a fiery relationship with neighbouring club Grasshopper over sporting supremacy in the city. Grasshoppers are known as the club of the elite and FCZ are known as the club of the workers. The matches between the two clubs are the only true local derby in the Swiss Super League.

Final vs. Basel, 13 May 2006

Before the last round of the 2005–06 Swiss Super League, Zürich were three points behind Basel in the league table. The last game of the season was contested by these two clubs vying for the league title at St. Jakob Park, Basel. Alhassane Keita scored the first goal for Zürich. In the second half, Mladen Petrić equalised. Basel were seconds away from the title when in the 93rd minute, Florian Stahel passed the ball to Iulian Filipescu, who scored and made it 2 – 1 for Zürich. Zürich won the league title due to their superior goal difference. After the final whistle, the field was stormed by Basel supporters who also attacked Zürich players (see 2006 Basel Hooligan Incident).

As of 1st February, 2012

Out on loan

- Mohamed Ali Nafkha at Étoile Sportive du Sahel
- Remo Staubli at FC Aarau
- René Borković at AC Bellinzona

Notable former players

- Arthur Petrosyan
- Muhamed Konjić
- Clederson Cesar de Souza
- Francisco Lima
- Raffael Caetano de Araújo
- Shabani Nonda
- Hannu Tihinen
- Eric Hassli
- Gocha Jamarauli

- Klaus Stürmer
- Herbert Waas
- Alhassane Keita
- Roberto Di Matteo
- Rosario Martinelli
- Wynton Rufer
- Ike Shorunmu
- Rashidi Yekini
- Iulian Filipescu

- Adrian Ilie
- Marcel Răducanu
- Mihai Tararache
- Shaun Bartlett
- Augustine Makalakalane
- Jonas Thern
- René Botteron
- Pierre-Albert Chapuisat
- Frédéric Chassot

- Blerim Džemaili
- Ruedi Elsener
- Urs Fischer (footballer)
- Joan Gamper
- Karl Grob
- Daniel Gygax
- Gökhan Inler
- Daniel Jeandupeux
- Jakob Kuhn

- Fritz Künzli
- Heinz Lüdi
- Erni Maissen
- Marco Pascolo
- Peter Risi
- Gian-Pietro Zappa
- Hanspeter Zwicker
- Jure Jerković
- Haris Škoro


FC Zürich in Europe

- Q = Qualifying Round
- 1R = First Round
- 2R = Second Round
- PO = Play-Off
- 1/8 = 1/8 Final
- 1/4 = Quarterfinal
- 1/2 = Semifinal

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