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Trelleborgs FF

Trelleborgs FF is a football (soccer) club from Sweden.

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About Trelleborgs FF

Trelleborgs FF, or simply Trelleborg, is a Sweden Football (soccer) located in Trelleborg. The club, formed 6 December 1926, will during the season of 2012 play in the second highest Swedish league, Superettan. Trelleborgs FF has participated 17 times in Allsvenskan and once in the UEFA Cup 1994-95 where the team eliminated Blackburn Rovers in the same season Rovers won the English Premier League.

Trelleborg have had a reputation of being a less fashionable provincial side, making the most of limited resources and a small fan base. The team has typically been recognised by performing goalkeppers, a strong defense and a good home record. In 2006 the team broke the Superettan record for longest period without conceiding a goal.

The club is affiliated to the Skånes Fotbollförbund.


Promotion to top division and qualifying for the UEFA-cup

The club won promotion to the top swedish league for the first time in 1984. The club's glory days arrived in the early nineties when they won promotion to Allsvenskan for the second time and finished third in 1992, the so far best placement, fourth in 1993 and participated in the UEFA-cup. Tipped for demotion at the start of most seasons, the team scrambled through the late nineties with effective, but not very attractive, defensive long ball tactics. Trelleborg's stadium, Vångavallen, was even nick named "Tjongavallen" (from Swedish "Tjonga" - kicking a football far away without direction). The team was finally demoted in 2001 after a disappointing season.

Recent years

The club gained promotion to the top league for the third time in 2003 just to be demoted directly, somewhat ironicly since it came after the Trelleborg board hired the dane Ole Mørk who was supposed to change the Trelleborg style of play into a more attractive short-passing game. In 2005, TFF finished eleventh in Superettan after a turbulent year, while 2006 became a successful year for the team. Three rounds before the end of Superettan 2006, Trelleborg stood as clear winners, thus gaining promotion to the 2007 Allsvenskan. Relegation was narrowly avoided with superior goal difference in 2007. In 2008 Tom Prahl, trainer during the success years in the early nineties, returned as head coach. Trelleborg finished at tenth place in an even season where Rasmus Bengtsson amongst others had an inspiring season. In 2009 the team finished at ninth place after a strong finish. In 2010 the teams tactics changed to a more creative and public friendly gamestyle. The team finished fifth after a strong autumn, their best position since 1993, just to be relegated in 2011, after conceiding 64 goals in 16 matches and finishing second last.



- Superettan:
- - Winners (1): 2006
- - Runner-up (1): 2003
- Division 1 Södra:
- - Winners (1): 1991
- - Runner-up (2): 1987, 1989


As of 20 February 2012

Out on loan

As of 20 February 2012

For season transfers, see List of Swedish football transfers winter 2011–2012.

Noted players and managers

- Amir Teljigović (1996–98)
- Rasmus Bengtsson
- Andreas Isaksson
- Bo Larsson
- Tom Prahl
- Patrik Redo
- Igor Sypniewski

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