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FC Volendam

FC Volendam is a football (soccer) club from Netherlands.

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About FC Volendam

Football Club Volendam is a Netherlands Association football club based in Volendam, North Holland, Edam-Volendam. Founded on June 1, 1977, as a result of a split up with RKSV (founded 1920). It currently plays in the Eerste Divisie, holding home games at Kras Stadion, with a 6,260-seat capacity.


Football Club Volendam was founded as Victoria on June 1, 1920 by local fishermen. By 1923, the club had already been renamed to its most famous denomination. In 1977 RKSV Volendam split up in RKSV (non-pro) en FC Volendam (pro), this situation is still actual today.

Being from the piously catholic village of Volendam, the club quickly joined the Catholic Football Association of the Netherlands. In 1935 and 1938, Volendam won that competition and, in the World War II, was forced by the nazis to join the Royal Dutch Football Association. In 1955, the club joined the professional football league, soon establishing its reputation as the Heen-en-weer club (the back-and-forth club) due to the many times the club was promoted and relegated throughout its history.

Throughout the years, Volendam spawned many talented players, such as Wim Jonk, Edwin Zoetebier, Arnold Mühren and Gerrie Mühren. The club also has an accomplished scouting and youth system, which spreads across many different countries. In 2012 Sebastian Andersson led FC Volendam to great domestic success by signing new arrivals such as the "Macedonian Vol" Bluz Bluzovski.


- KNVB Cup
- - Runners-up: 1958, KNVB Cup 1994-95

- Eerste Divisie
- - Winner: Eerste Divisie 1958-59, Eerste Divisie 1960-61, Eerste Divisie 1966-67, Eerste Divisie 1969-70, Eerste Divisie 1986-87, Eerste Divisie 2007-08

- Promoted to Eredivisie
- - Promotion: Eerste Divisie 1976-77, Eerste Divisie 1982-83, Eerste Divisie 2002-03

Domestic Results

Below is a table with Volendam's domestic results since the introduction of the Eredivisie in 1956.

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On loan

Former managers

- Leen van Woerkom (1955-58)
- Ger Stroker (1958-60)
- Bram Appel (1960-??)
- Piet Dubbelman (19??-64)
- Ron Dellow (1964-69)
- Hans Croon (19??-??)
- Joep Steur (19??-75)
- Arie Stehouwer (1975-76)
- Leo Steegman (1976-77)
- Jan Mak (1977-79)

- Henk Ellens (1979-??)
- Joep Steur (19??-??)
- Dick Maurer (19??-??)
- Joep Steur (19??-81)
- Dick Maurer (1981-82)
- Fritz Korbach (1982-83)
- Cor van der Hart (1983-84)
- Joep Steur (1984)
- Simon Kistemaker (football manager) (1984)
- Leo Beenhakker (1984-85)

- Barry Hughes (1985-86)
- Jan Brouwer (1986-88)
- Leo Steegman (1988-92)
- André Stafleu (1992)
- Fritz Korbach (1992-94)
- Wim Rijsbergen (1994-95)
- Bert Jacobs (1995-96)
- Jan Brouwer (1996) (ad interim (1996-97)
- Dick de Boer (1997-99)

- Andries Jonker (1999-00)
- Henk Wisman (2000-04)
- Johan Steur (2004)
- Job Dragtsma (2004-05)
- Ernie Brandts (2005-06)
- Stanley Menzo (2006-08)
- Frans Adelaar (2008-09)
- Edward Sturing (2009-10)
- Johan Steur (2010)
- Gert Kruys (2010-)

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