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NEC Nijmegen

NEC Nijmegen is a football (soccer) club from Netherlands.

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About NEC Nijmegen

Nijmegen Eendracht Combinatie , commonly abbreviated to N.E.C. , is a Netherlands Association football club from the city of Nijmegen. The oldest remnants of the club, "Eendracht" (Dutch language for unity), stem back to 15 November 1900. In 1903, Eendracht merged with Nijmegen to form the Nijmegen Eendracht Combinatie. They are frequently, erroneously, referred to as N.E.C. Nijmegen. The team's home ground is the 12,500-seat Stadion de Goffert.

The club has not won any major tournaments to date, though they were runners-up in the KNVB Cup competition in 1973, 1983, 1994, and 2000; they played in the UEFA Cup tournaments in 1983, 2003, and 2008.


General history

N.E.C. (Nijmegen Eendracht Combinatie or, in English language, Nijmegen Unity Combination) is the 41st oldest club in the Netherlands. It was known that the first football club was founded by "ordinary" workers, real people, and boys. Association football was in 1900 already quite popular, but a football club was a real elitist activity. Associations as UD (Deventer), Quick 1888 (Nijmegen), Sparta Rotterdam, Vitesse, etc. were also all created by the sons of wealthy industrialists, middle and other notables.

Lower City

The founders of N.E.C. had a very different background to other Eredivisie clubs. They were, without exception, from the old Nijmegen Lower City, the place where the poorest people lived. It was not much more than a slum. The boys from downtown Nijmegen played football every day, not on a field, but on the streets and the Waalkade.

Uniquely some of those boys on 15 November 1900 made a decision to form their own football club. They did it all themselves, without help from outside. They coined the name Eendracht and decided that every week a fee of two cents would be paid. With that money, a new ball could be purchased from time-to-time.

In the first years, Eendracht only played games against teams from other parts of Nijmegen. The ploeggie from the downtown area appeared to be playing good football. When in 1903, a Nijmegen Football Association was formed, Eendracht was the first champion and was thereby promoted to the Geldersche Football Association. The football at Eendracht became a serious matter, especially two years later after promotion to the second class of the KNVB.

The name N.E.C. was established in April 1910. Eendracht merged that year with a club called Nijmegen. Nijmegen had been established for only two years and was founded by former members of Quick 1888 who felt little empathy with Quick, regarded at the time as an elite club. The Nijmegen Eendracht Combination seemed a golden find.


N.E.C. plays its home matches in the De Goffert stadium (12,500 seats). The stadium was originally opened in 1939 and featured a cycling track between the pitch and the stands. In 2000, the rebuilt stadium was opened. The club wants to expand the stadium to 20,000 seats in 2011.


Football club Vitesse of Arnhem is the main rival of N.E.C. The annual games between the two are called "de Gelderland derby." The rivalry has led to hooligans meeting after games that resulted in fights and public disorder.

Players & Staff

As of 29 October 2011

For recent transfers, see List of Dutch football transfers summer 2011

On loan

Staff and management

N.E.C. in Europe

Domestic Results

Below is a table with N.E.C.'s domestic results since the introduction of the Eredivisie in 1956.

N.E.C. records


- Eredivisie Winner Play-Offs: 1
- KNVB Cup runner-up: 4
- Eerste Divisie: 1
- 1e Klasse: 3



- Ferenz György (1923–24)
- Smith (surname) (1929–30)
- Claus (football manager) (1931–32)
- Longin (1932–33)
- Fons Lodenstijn (1933–36)
- Coen Delsen (1936–37)
- Bertus Schoester (1937–39)
- J. W. Julian (1939–40)
- Bertus Schoester (1940–42)
- George Charlton (1947–49)
- Jan Bijl (1949–54)
- Coen Delsen (1954–56)
- Ferdi Silz (1956–57)

- K. ter Horst (1957–58)
- Fons Lodenstijn (1958) (interim)
- Wim Groenendijk (1958–60)
- Joop de Busser (1960–61)
- Jan Remmers (1961–70)
- Wiel Coerver (1970–73)
- Meg de Jong (1973–74)
- Piet de Visser (1974–76)
- Hans Croon (1976–78)
- Leen Looyen (1978–81)
- Pim van de Meent (1981–85)
- Sandor Popovics (1985–87)
- Leen Looyen (1987–91)

- Jan Pruijn (1991–94)
- Kees van Kooten (1994–95)
- Leen Looyen (1995–96) (interim)
- Wim Koevermans (1995–96)
- Jimmy Calderwood (1997–99)
- Ron de Groot (1999-00) (interim)
- Johan Neeskens (2000–04)
- Cees Lok (2005)
- Ron de Groot (2005–06)
- Mario Been (2006–09)
- Dwight Lodeweges (2009)
- Wiljan Vloet (2009–11)
- Alex Pastoor (2011–present)

Notable players

- Roy Beerens
- Kevin Bobson
- Rachid Bouaouzan
- Saïd Boutahar
- Wilfried Brookhuis
- Jack de Gier
- Ron de Groot
- Dennis de Nooijer
- Frank Demouge
- Romano Denneboom
- Jeroen Drost
- Ernest Faber
- Dennis Gentenaar
- Youssouf Hersi
- Danny Hesp
- Guus Hiddink
- Danny Hoekman
- Paul Jans
- Anton Janssen
- Tim Janssen
- Collins John
- Dick Jol
- Milano Koenders
- Willem Korsten
- Michel Langerak
- Bart Latuheru
- Jeffrey Leiwakabessy
- Jeremain Lens
- Cees Lok
- Muslu Nalbantoglu
- Edo Ophof
- Jan Peters (footballer)
- Maikel Renfurm
- Bas Roorda
- Harry Schellekens
- Dennis Schulp
- Ferne Snoyl
- Pleun Strik
- Jasar Takak
- Frans Thijssen
- Jhon van Beukering
- Jan van Deinsen
- Mark van den Boogaart
- Björn van der Doelen
- Patrick van Diemen
- Kees van Wonderen
- Rob Wielaert
- Peter Wisgerhof
- Mike Zonneveld

- Brett Holman (2006–08)

- Pieter Collen (2000–01)
- Bart van den Eede (2005–06)
- Björn Vleminckx (2009-11)

- Tininho (2004–06)

Czech Republic
- Jarda Simr (2001–05)

- Dennis Rommedahl (2009)
- Niki Zimling (2010-11)

- José Valencia Murillo (2004–06)

- Chris Eagles (2006–07)
- David Jones (footballer born 1984) (2006)

- Antti Sumiala (1995–97)

- Jörg Sobiech (1996–98)

- Krisztián Vadócz (2007–08)

- Ǵorǵi Hristov (2000–03)
- Dževdet Šainovski (1997–99)

- Youssef El-Akchaoui (2006-10)

Netherlands Antilles
- Moises Bicentini (1957–61)

- Edgar Barreto (2004–07)

- Janusz Kowalik (1974–76)
- Andrzej Niedzielan (2004–07)

- Nedeljko Bulatović (1966–67)
- Dejan Govedarica (2002–04)

- Daniel Fernández Artola (2008–09)
- Manuel Sánchez Torres (1990–91)

- Jonas Olsson (footballer born 1983) (2005–08)

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