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RBC Roosendaal

RBC Roosendaal is a football (soccer) club from Netherlands.

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About RBC Roosendaal

Roosendaalse Boys Combinatie Roosendaal, also known as RBC Roosendaal was a Netherlands association football club based in Roosendaal, North Brabant. RBC lastly played in the Eerste Divisie, the second tier of football in the Netherlands.


RBC, the brainchild of Frans Mathijsen and Anton Poldermans, was formed on July 31, 1912. The club was initially called Excelsior and was renamed VV Roosendaal in 1920. The club's present name is the result of a merger with another football team. On July 16, 1927, the club became known as Roosendaal Boys Combinatie (RBC) because of the merger with Roosendaalsche Boys.

In 1955 the club turned professional and won the Tweede Divisie in 1957. With the leagues restructured by the KNVB the club left professional football in 1971. Between the return to professional status in 1983 RBC was a successful amateurclub.

In 2000 the club reached the Eredivisie for the first time just for one season. Before 2001, RBC played its league games in stadium De Luiten, which had a capacity of 2,000 seats and 5,000 standing places. In 2001, RBC moved into its new 5,000 seater stadium. RBC returned in the Eredivisie in 2002 for four seasons.

In the 2004–05 season, RBC just avoided the Nacompetitie (relegation playoff). Relegation could not be avoided a year later, with RBC finishing bottom of the Eredivisie in the Eredivisie 2005–06.

On 8 June 2011 RBC Roosendaal was declared bankrupt after the board failed to repay the outstanding debts of €1.6 million; this led to an automatic revocation of the professional license from KNVB. With RBC Roosendaal now out of Eerste Divisie, the board started working in order to register the club to the amateur Hoofdklasse league for the 15 June deadline. On 14 June 2011 it was published that RBC will not play in the Hoofdklasse. Therefore it definitely disappeared from Dutch football.

On 21 September 2011, it was announced that RBC Roosendaal, would make a new start in Dutch football. RBC Roosendaal will start in the Vijfde Klasse, the 9th tier in Dutch football.


- KNVB Cup
- - Runners-up: 1986

- Tweede Divisie
- - Winner: 1957

- Promoted to Eredivisie
- - 2000, 2002

- Sunday Amateur Champions
- - 1973

- Hoofdklasse
- - 1973 (Eerste klasse), 1974 (Eerste klasse), 1975

- Eerste Klasse
- - 1980

- Tweede Klasse
- - 1972


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from:01/01/1991 till:01/01/1992 shift:(0,-4) text:5
from:01/01/1992 till:01/01/1993 shift:(0,-4) text:7
from:01/01/1993 till:01/01/1994 shift:(0,-4) text:14
from:01/01/1994 till:01/01/1995 shift:(0,-4) text:15
from:01/01/1995 till:01/01/1996 shift:(0,-4) text:13
from:01/01/1996 till:01/01/1997 shift:(0,-4) text:15
from:01/01/1997 till:01/01/1998 shift:(0,-4) text:18
from:01/01/1998 till:01/01/1999 shift:(0,-4) text:12
from:01/01/1999 till:01/01/2000 shift:(0,-4) text:6
from:01/01/2000 till:01/01/2001 shift:(0,-4) text:18
from:01/01/2001 till:01/01/2002 shift:(0,-4) text:3
from:01/01/2002 till:01/01/2003 shift:(0,-4) text:13
from:01/01/2003 till:01/01/2004 shift:(0,-4) text:12
from:01/01/2004 till:01/01/2005 shift:(0,-4) text:16
from:01/01/2005 till:01/01/2006 shift:(0,-4) text:18
from:01/01/2006 till:01/01/2007 shift:(0,-4) text:3
from:01/01/2007 till:01/01/2008 shift:(0,-4) text:11
from:01/01/2008 till:01/01/2009 shift:(0,-4) text:16
from:01/01/2009 till:01/01/2010 shift:(0,-4) text:11
from:01/01/2010 till:01/01/2011 shift:(0,-4) text:17

from:01/01/1990 till:01/01/2000 color:bl1 shift:(0,13) text: "Eerste Divisie"
from:01/01/2000 till:01/01/2001 color:bl2 shift:(0,13) text: "Eredivisie"
from:01/01/2001 till:01/01/2002 color:bl1 shift:(0,13) text: "Eerste Divisie"
from:01/01/2002 till:01/01/2006 color:bl2 shift:(0,13) text: "Eredivisie"
from:01/01/2006 till:01/01/2011 color:bl1 shift:(0,13) text: "Eerste Divisie"


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