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SC Heerenveen

SC Heerenveen is a football (soccer) club from Netherlands.

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About SC Heerenveen

Sportclub Heerenveen (; West Frisian language: Sportklub It Hearrenfean) is a Netherlands association football club currently playing in the Eredivisie, the top level of football in the Netherlands.


Sportclub Heerenveen was founded on 20 July 1920 in the town of Heerenveen, Friesland as Athleta. They changed name twice, to Spartaan, and then to v.v. Heerenveen in 1922. Trailing 1–5 with 25 minutes remaining, the Frisian team inexplicably fought back for a 6–5 victory. Under the tenure of Trond Sollied, Heerenveen won their first KNVB Cup in the club's history, their first ever major prize. Trond Sollied was sacked on 31 August 2009 due to a weak opening of the season and a conflict with the board.

On 17 May 2009, they defeated Twente 5-4 in a penalty shoot-out to win the Dutch Cup for the first time after a 2-2 draw in the final, with Gerald Sibon scoring the winning penalty. On 13 February 2012 it was announced that Marco van Basten will replace Ron Jans as team manager for the 2012/2013 season.


The team plays their home games at the Abe Lenstra Stadion which opened in 1994 and holds 26,800 Heerenveen supporters. In 2011 sc Heerenveen will start to expand the stadium to 32,000 seats.

Colours, crest, and anthem

The crest on the club emblem is the symbol of the flag of Friesland. The flag of Friesland is based on the arms of the 15th century. The stripes and waterlily leaves represent the districts of Friesland. A unique tradition in the Dutch eredivisie is that the Frisian national anthem is played and sung before every domestic match. The UEFA doesn't allow this tradition in European matches. Nevertheless the anthem is sung by the supporters anyway.


The rivals of sc Heerenveen are Cambuur Leeuwarden, from Leeuwarden and FC Groningen, from Groningen. Cambuur Leeuwarden is just like sc Heerenveen from the province of Friesland. The distance between Heerenveen and Leeuwarden is only 30 kilometres; this is the first reason for the rivalry. Like everywhere, when two teams are geographically close to each other, each wants to do better than the other.
The second reason for the rivalry is that most people who support sc Heerenveen are Frisians and live throughout all of Friesland. But almost all fans of Cambuur live in, or very close to the city of Leeuwarden. A large number of these people don't see themselves as Frisians, but as "Leeuwarders". They also speak a different dialect, Stadsfries or Cityfrisian.
On the stands of Cambuur some fans will sing anti-Frisian songs, describing the Frisians as farmers. This is because Leeuwarden is the biggest city in Friesland and its capital. The other cities in Friesland are relatively small. Strictly spoken Heerenveen is not a city. The province of Friesland has eleven cities and Heerenveen is not among them. Heerenveen was never given city rights.
Cambuur Leeuwarden no longer plays on the highest level in the Netherlands. In the 1999/2000 season they relegated from the Eredivisie. sc Heerenveen finished as runners up. So the teams haven't played each other for 10 years now.
At the moment, FC Groningen is the biggest rival of sc Heerenveen. The distance between Heerenveen and Groningen is 60 kilometres. Just like Leeuwarden this is a small distance. sc Heerenveen and FC Groningen are the 2 biggest clubs of the Northern part of the Netherlands; therefore a match between the teams is called "The derby of the North". The winner of the match will crown itself as "Kampioen van het Noorden" (Champions of the North) until the next meeting between the 2 clubs.
Often some days before the match, the fans of sc Heerenveen and FC Groningen compete with each other as well—not with violence but with stunts. Fans of Heerenveen once stole the kick-off spot from the FC Groningen stadium, and raised the Frisian flag at the Martinitoren, the highest tower in Groningen. The front yard of a Groningen-chairman once got filled with rubble from a construction site. This was because the construction of the recent stadium of FC Groningen Euroborg had to be halted because of a major mistake in the design. FC Groningen fans countered with painting a statue of sc Heerenveen hero Abe Lenstra in green and white, the colours of FC Groningen. They also painted a viaduct near Heerenveen green and white.


- KNVB Cup winners: 1
- Eredivisie runner-up: 1
- KNVB Cup runner-up: 2
- Tweede Divisie: 1

Domestic Results

Below is a table with sc Heerenveen's domestic results since the introduction of the Eredivisie in 1956.

For recent transfers, see List of Dutch football transfers summer 2011.

Out on loan


- Sjoerd van Zuylen (1930–32)
- Sid Castle (1932)
- Otto Pinter (1932–33)
- Dirk Steenbergen (1934)
- Theo Eikenaar (1934–36)
- Sid Castle (1936–38)
- Piet Smit (1938–39)
- Anton Dalhuysen (1939–45)
- Otto Bonsema (1945)
- Abe Lenstra (1946–47)
- Piet van der Munnik (1947–51)
- Bob Kelly (footballer) (1951–55)

- Volgert Ris (1955–58)
- Siem Plooijer (1958–61)
- Arie de Vroet (1961–63)
- Evert Mur (1963–65)
- Laszlo Zalai (1965–66)
- Ron Groenewoud (1966–67)
- Evert Teunissen (1967–69)
- Bas Paauwe Jr. (1969–71)
- Meg de Jongh (1971–73)
- Laszlo Zalai (1973–78)
- Jan Teunissen (1978–80)
- Hylke Kerkstra (1980)

- Henk van Brussel (1980–85)
- Foppe de Haan (1985–88)
- Ted Immers (1988–89)
- Ab Gritter (1989–90)
- Fritz Korbach (1990–93)
- Foppe de Haan (1993–04)
- Gertjan Verbeek (2004–08)
- Trond Sollied (2008–09)
- Jan de Jonge (2009–10)
- Jan Everse (2010)
- Ron Jans (2010–2012)
- Marco van Basten (2012-)

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