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De Graafschap

De Graafschap is a football (soccer) club from Netherlands.

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About De Graafschap

De Graafschap is a professional association football club from Doetinchem, Netherlands. It was formed on 1 February 1954 and they play their home games at the "De Vijverberg" stadium. Their current home ground stands on where the old pitch used to be located and was opened on 12 August 2000. The name of the club means The County in Dutch language although they are nicknamed the 'Superboeren' ('Super Farmers').

While not a large club by European club football standards, this club has remained a semi-regular fixture in the Dutch Eredivisie (top league); although to date, it has never won any silverware of importance. De Graafschap is a club with a lot of tradition, however, with players such as the former PSV Eindhoven coach Guus Hiddink ensuring exciting football being played. It also has a large stadium and a large fanbase when compared to many other Dutch teams, particularly those in the Eerste Divisie. They have a fierce rivalry with Vitesse Arnhem.

In 2005, its first season back in the top flight, De Graafschap lost out in the Dutch play-offs and were relegated from the Eredivisie. In 2003, it was defeated again in the playoffs, this time as a promotion candidate.

They were crowned champions of the Eerste Divisie for the 2009-10 season and currently play in the Eredivisie.

Their colors are blue and white hooped shirts with white shorts and blue socks.


- Eerste Divisie
- - Winner: 1991, 2007, 2010

- Tweede Divisie
- - Winner: 1969

- Promoted to Eredivisie
- - Promotion: 1973, 1981, 1995, 2004, 2010

- Promoted to Eerste Divisie
- - Promotion: 1966


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from:01/01/1988 till:01/01/1989 shift:(0,-4) text:9
from:01/01/1989 till:01/01/1990 shift:(0,-4) text:6
from:01/01/1990 till:01/01/1991 shift:(0,-4) text:1
from:01/01/1991 till:01/01/1992 shift:(0,-4) text:17
from:01/01/1992 till:01/01/1993 shift:(0,-4) text:5
from:01/01/1993 till:01/01/1994 shift:(0,-4) text:6
from:01/01/1994 till:01/01/1995 shift:(0,-4) text:2
from:01/01/1995 till:01/01/1996 shift:(0,-4) text:14
from:01/01/1996 till:01/01/1997 shift:(0,-4) text:8
from:01/01/1997 till:01/01/1998 shift:(0,-4) text:11
from:01/01/1998 till:01/01/1999 shift:(0,-4) text:13
from:01/01/1999 till:01/01/2000 shift:(0,-4) text:14
from:01/01/2000 till:01/01/2001 shift:(0,-4) text:15
from:01/01/2001 till:01/01/2002 shift:(0,-4) text:14
from:01/01/2002 till:01/01/2003 shift:(0,-4) text:18
from:01/01/2003 till:01/01/2004 shift:(0,-4) text:6
from:01/01/2004 till:01/01/2005 shift:(0,-4) text:17
from:01/01/2005 till:01/01/2006 shift:(0,-4) text:5
from:01/01/2006 till:01/01/2007 shift:(0,-4) text:1
from:01/01/2007 till:01/01/2008 shift:(0,-4) text:16
from:01/01/2008 till:01/01/2009 shift:(0,-4) text:17
from:01/01/2009 till:01/01/2010 shift:(0,-4) text:1
from:01/01/2010 till:01/01/2011 shift:(0,-4) text:14

from:01/01/1985 till:01/01/1991 color:bl1 shift:(0,13) text: "Eerste Divisie"
from:01/01/1991 till:01/01/1992 color:bl2 shift:(0,13) text: "Eredivisie"
from:01/01/1992 till:01/01/1995 color:bl1 shift:(0,13) text: "Eerste Divisie"
from:01/01/1995 till:01/01/2003 color:bl2 shift:(0,13) text: "Eredivisie"
from:01/01/2003 till:01/01/2004 color:bl1 shift:(0,13) text: "Eerste Divisie"
from:01/01/2004 till:01/01/2005 color:bl2 shift:(0,13)
from:01/01/2005 till:01/01/2007 color:bl1 shift:(0,13) text: "Eerste Divisie"
from:01/01/2007 till:01/01/2009 color:bl2 shift:(0,13) text: "Eredivisie"
from:01/01/2009 till:01/01/2010 color:bl1 shift:(0,13)
from:01/01/2010 till:01/01/2011 color:bl2 shift:(0,13) text: "Eredivisie"

Below is a table with De Graafschap's domestic results since the introduction of the Eredivisie in 1956.

For recent transfers, see List of Dutch football transfers summer 2009 and List of Dutch football transfers winter 2009-10.

(on loan from 1. FC Kaiserslautern)

(on loan from RSC Anderlecht)
(on loan from RSC Anderlecht)

Out on loan

Reserves squad

Former managers

- Leendert IJssennagger (1954-55)
- Heinz Huber (1955)
- Jan Poulus (1955-59)
- Wim Engel (1959)
- Eric Jones (footballer) (1960-62)
- Evert Teunissen (1962-67)
- Ad Zonderland (1967-71)
- Bert van Lingen (1971)
- Piet de Visser (1971-74)
- Evert Teunissen (1974-76)

- Ben Polak (football) (1976, interim)
- Hans Dorjee (1976-77)
- Henk Ellens (1977-78)
- Pim van de Meent (1978-80)
- Huib Ruijgrok (1980-83)
- Sandor Popovics (soccer manager) (1983-85)
- Henk van Brussel (1985-87)
- Pim Verbeek (1987-89)
- Ben Zweers (1989)
- Simon Kistemaker (football manager) (1989-93)

- Jan Versleijen (1993-94)
- Frans Körver (1994-95)
- Hans van Doorneveld (1995)
- Fritz Korbach (1995-98)
- Frans Thijssen (1999)
- Rob McDonald (1999-00)
- Jurrie Koolhof (2000, interim)
- Gerard Marsman (2000-01)
- Jurrie Koolhof (2001-02)
- Peter Bosz (2002-03)

- Frans Adelaar (2003-04)
- Gert Kruys (2004-05)
- Andries Ulderink (2005, interim)
- Jan de Jonge (2005-08)
- Henk van Stee (2008-09)
- Darije Kalezić (2009-2011)
- Andries Ulderink (2011-)

Notable players

- Diego Biseswar
- Foeke Booy
- René Bot
- Ernie Brandts
- Dave Bus
- Luuk de Jong
- Purrel Frankel
- Gerdo Hazelhekke
- Guus Hiddink
- Peter Hofstede
- Klaas-Jan Huntelaar
- Jurrie Koolhof
- Olaf Lindenbergh

- Martijn Meerdink
- Patrick Paauwe
- Stefan Postma
- Richard Roelofsen
- Dick Schoenaker
- Sonny Silooy
- Edward Sturing
- Hans van de Haar
- Jean-Paul van Gastel
- Peter van Vossen
- Elfried Veldman
- Eric Viscaal
- Fabian Wilnis

- Hugo Bargas
- Jason Čulina
- Steve De Ridder
- Magno Mocelin
- Mamadou Zongo
- Will Johnson (soccer)
- Lasse Schøne
- Hazem Emam
- Loïc Loval
- Ben Sahar
- Oussama Assaidi
- Raymond Victoria
- Tomasz Rząsa
- Massamasso Tchangai
- Ruslan Valeyev

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