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Spartak Trnava

Spartak Trnava is a football (soccer) club from Slovakia.

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About Spartak Trnava

FC Spartak Trnava is a Slovakia Association football club based in Trnava, Slovakia. Historically it is one of the most successful clubs in Slovakia, having won the Czechoslovak First League and the Czechoslovak Cup five times each, and reaching semifinal of UEFA Champions League once and quarterfinal twice. The club plays its matches on the largest football stadium in Slovakia, on Štadión Antona Malatinského. Club's official anthem is Il Silenzio (song).


The club was founded on 30 May 1923 by the merging of Šk Čechie and ČšŠk into TSS Trnava. After a communist takeover it became affiliated with the metal industry works and was renamed to TJ Kovosmalt ("Metal-enamel"). In 1952, the club gained its current name.

Golden era

The Golden era of Spartak began in the season of 1966/67. The team of legendary coach Anton Malatinský was top of the league by autumn, but by the end of the season had only finished in third place. Great success was achieved in the Mitropa Cup. Spartak beat teams like Budapest Honvéd FC, S.S. Lazio and ACF Fiorentina and in final the defeated Újpest FC of Hungary. In the following season Spartak gained their memorable first title. They reached the semi-final of UEFA Champions League to face AFC Ajax. It is their greatest success up until now. Under the management of Ján Hucko, the team also won a second championship. In 1970/71 and 1971/72, Trnava won their third and fourth championship titles under coaches Valér Švec and Anton Malatinský. The team also reached the quarter-final of UEFA Champions League in 1973 and 1974. The fifth and the last league title in 1972/73 beckoned the end of Spartak's golden era.


Although Spartak finished 16th (and last) in the last unified Czechoslovak league season in 1992/93, the latter half of the 90s can be considered the renaissance of football in Trnava. In the 1995/96 season, Spartak finished third and its popularity grew. The 1996/97 season was a memorable on for fans of Spartak, Karol Pecze almost led the team to its first Slovakian league title but got beaten to it by MFK Košice in the final week of competition. The following season, under new coach Dušan Galis the team again achieved second place and then third place in the 1998/99 season which saw the end of this recovery of footballing prowess in Trnava.



- Czechoslovak First League (1945–93)
- - Winners (5): 1967–68 Czechoslovak First League, 1968–69 Czechoslovak First League, 1970–71 Czechoslovak First League, 1971–72 Czechoslovak First League, 1972–73 Czechoslovak First League

- Czechoslovak Cup (Československý pohár)
- - Winners (5): 1951, 1967, 1971, 1975, 1986

- Slovak Cup (Slovenský pohár)
- - Winners (1): 1998

- Slovak Super Cup (Slovenský Superpohár)
- - Winners (1): 1998


- UEFA Champions League
- - Semi-Final (1): 1968–69 European Cup
- - Quarter-Final (2): 1972–73 European Cup, 1973–74 European Cup

- Mitropa Cup
- - Winners (1): 1966–67 Mitropa Cup
- - Final (2): 1966–67 Mitropa Cup, 1967–68 Mitropa Cup

Historical names

- ŠK Rapid Trnava (1923–39)
- TSS Trnava (1939–48)
- Sokol NV Trnava (1948–49)
- ZTJ Kovosmalt Trnava (1949–53)
- Spartak Trnava (1953–67)
- Spartak TAZ Trnava (1967–88)
- Spartak ZTS Trnava (1988–93)
- FC Spartak Trnava (1993–)


The fans are well-known throughout the country for their passion. The main ultras group is called Ultras Spartak. It consists of all big or smaller fan groups groups.
They are described as best fans in Slovakia. They make great choreos and atmosphere. Trnava has in the long term highest attendance in republic.

Since 1988 to 2006, Spartak ultras had a friendship with FC Baník Ostrava fans, good relations and friendship are still existing.

Traditionally, club has great support in city and its district, but it is very popular in whole west Slovakia region, especially in Hlohovec, Piešťany and Sereď area.

Rival teams

The greatest rival is ŠK Slovan Bratislava. This rivalry has a long tradition and the matches between these clubs are considered as the most prestigious Traditional derby in Slovakia.


Štadión Antona Malatinského is located in centre of the Trnava, directly behind walls of the old town. It can hold up to 18,448 people and is all seated. Formerly known simply as "Spartak", in 1998 it was renamed in honour of the club's most successful coach Anton Malatinský.

Reserve team

The reserve team FC Spartak Trnava B currently plays in the Slovak Third League and is managed by Peter Zelenský.

(Captain (association football))
(Captain (association football) Vice-captain)

On loan

Retired numbers

Management team

Club officials

Spartak Trnava in Europe

Notable players

- Jozef Adamec
- Igor Bališ
- Michal Benedikovič
- Július Bielik
- František Bolček
- Karol Dobiaš
- Peter Doležaj
- Alojz Fandel
- Libor Fašiang
- Ján Gabriel
- Michal Gašparík (born 1981)
- Ľuboš Hanzel
- Jaroslav Hrabal
- Anton Hrušecký
- Ivan Hucko
- Stanislav Jarábek
- Dušan Kabát

- Miroslav Karhan
- Dušan Kéketi
- Kamil Kopúnek
- Vladimír Kožuch
- Ladislav Kuna
- Vladimír Leitner
- Ľubomír Luhový
- Kamil Majerník
- Anton Malatinský
- Jozef Marko
- František Masarovič
- Jaroslav Masrna
- Vlastimil Opálek
- Martin Poljovka
- Július Šimon
- Imrich Stacho
- Jozef Štibrányi
- Kamil Susko
- Valér Švec
- Jaroslav Timko

- Marek Ujlaky
- Vojtech Varadín
- Peter Zelenský
- Jozef Žigárdy
- Ján Zlocha
- Milan Zvarík
Côte d'Ivoire
- Koro Issa Ahmed Koné
Czech Republic
- Marek Čech (Czech footballer)
- Josef Geryk
- Martin Hruška
- Martin Raška
- Souleymane Fall
- Amdy Gueye
- Borivoje Filipović
- Nebojša Jelenković
- Ivica Kralj

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Former logos

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