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CSKA Moskva

CSKA Moskva is a football (soccer) club from Russia.

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About CSKA Moskva

CSKA Moscow (; full name: , ) is a major Russian sports club based in Moscow. It is popularly referred to in the West as "Red Army" or "the Red Army team" because during the Soviet Union, it was a part of the Armed Forces (sports society), which in turn was associated with the Red Army. Now the historical CSKA sport club (aka "Big CSKA") still is a department of Russian Defense Ministry.

The "Big CSKA" had several teams in many sports, but now all of them are private clubs:
- For the Association football club, see PFC CSKA Moscow.
- For the futsal club, see MFK CSKA Moscow.
- For the ice hockey club, see HC CSKA Moscow.
- For the volleyball club, see VC CSKA Moscow.
- For the men's basketball club, see PBC CSKA Moscow.
- For the women's women's basketball club, see WBC CSKA Moscow.

VC CSKA and WBC CSKA were disbanded in 2009.

The CSKA has also been home to many elite figure skating, including Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov. Elena Mukhina, a world champion Artistic gymnastics, was also a club member.

The club is active in more than 40 sports, and produced 463 Olympic Games champions for the Soviet Union and Russia, 11,000 champions in local Soviet Union and Russian championships, and 2629 golden medalists in European and world championships.

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