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Dinamo Moskva

Dinamo Moskva is a football (soccer) club from Russia.

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About Dinamo Moskva

Dynamo Moscow (Dinamo Moscow, Dinamo Moskva, Russian language: Динамо Москва) is a Russian football (soccer) club based in Moscow, which currently plays in the Russian Premier League. The team's home ground is Dynamo Stadium (Moscow). Dynamo's traditional kit colours are blue and white. Their crest is of a blue letter "D", written in a traditional Cyrillic style, on a white background with the name of their home town "Moscow" written in front of a football underneath. Club's motto "Power in Motion" had been proposed by Maxim Gorky, the famous Russian/Soviet author who once was an active member of the Dynamo sports society.

Dynamo Moscow is the oldest Russian football club and the only one which has always played in the top tiers of the Soviet (for the Soviet era - sharing this achievement jointly with Dynamo Kyiv) and the Russian football competitions never being relegated to the lower divisions.

During the Soviet Union era it was affiliated with the MVD (Ministry of Internal Affairs - The Soviet Militia & the KGB) and was a part of Dynamo (sports society). On April 10, 2009, VTB Bank acquired 76% of the stock in the club. The club was founded in 1923 by Felix Dzerzhinsky.


Dynamo Moscow has its roots in the club Morozovtsi Orekhovo-Zuevo Moskva founded as a factory team in 1887. The team was re-named OKS Moskva in 1906 and won a series of Moscow league championships from 1910 to 1914.

After the Russian revolution of 1917 the club eventually found itself under the authority of the Interior Ministry and its head Felix Dzerzhinsky, chief of the Soviet Union's first secret police force, the notorious Cheka. The club was re-named Dinamo Moskva in 1923 and developed some infamy for its intimidating association with the Interior Ministry, often being referred to as Garbage, a Russian criminal slang term for police, by the supporters of other clubs.

Dinamo won the first two Soviet Championships in 1936 and 1937, a Soviet Cup in 1937, and another pair of national titles in 1940 and 1945. They were also the first Soviet club to tour the West and put on an impressive display during a goodwill visit to the United Kingdom in 1945. Complete unknowns, the Soviet players delivered a surprising performance: they drew 3:3 at Chelsea F.C., rode roughshod 10:1 over Cardiff City F.C., beat an Arsenal F.C. side reinforced by the presence of Stanley Matthews, Stan Mortensen and Joe Bacuzzi by a score of 4:3 in a match played in thick fog, and finally, lost 3:2 with Rangers F.C..

They continued to be a strong side at home after the war and enjoyed their greatest success through the 50's. Dinamo captured another five championships between 1949 and 1959, as well as their second Soviet Cup in 1953. Honours were harder to come by after that time. The club continued to enjoy some success in the Soviet Cup, but has not won a national championship since 1976. Even so, Dinamo's 11 national titles make it the country's third most decorated side behind Dynamo Kiev (13 titles) and Spartak Moscow (12 titles).

Dynamo's greatest achievement in Europe to this day was in the 1972 UEFA Cup Winners Cup. They got to the final at the Nou Camp in Barcelona where they lost to Scottish side Rangers FC 3-2. This was a Russian side's greatest achievement in Europe until PFC CSKA Moscow won the 2005 UEFA Cup. At the end of the 2008 season of the Russian Premier League Dynamo finished the season in 3rd position, therefore gaining access to the 3rd qualification round for non-champions of the 2009/10 edition of the UEFA Champions League. This will be the first time that the club has taken part in the competition since its re-branding from the European Cup in 1992.


Their ground is the historic Dinamo Stadium in Petrovsky Park, which seats 36,540. Despite not having won a league title in over thirty years the club still has a quite extensive, though aging, fan base.


- Soviet championship: 1936, 1937, 1940, 1945, 1949, 1954, 1955, 1957, 1959, 1963, 1976
- Soviet Cup champions: 1937, 1953, 1967, 1970, 1977, 1984
- Russian Cup champions: 1995
- USSR Super Cup champions: 1977
- Ciutat de Barcelona Trophy Champions: 1976
- Cup Winners Cup finalist: 1972

League and cup history

and are listed by club's website as reserve players. They are eligible to play for the first team.

Notable past players

USSR and former USSR countries
- Lev Yashin, voted the IFFHS World's Best Goalkeeper of the 20th century by the IFFHS., spent his entire career with Dinamo.
- Viktor Anichkin
- Anatoly Baidachny
- Vladimir Belyayev (footballer)
- Konstantin Beskov
- Aleksandr Borodyuk
- Aleksandr Bubnov
- Arkady Chernyshev
- Igor Chislenko
- Yevgeni Dolgov
- Oleg Dolmatov
- Yuri Drozdov
- Valery Gazzaev
- Gennadi Gusarov
- Vladimir Kesarev
- Dmitri Kharine
- Sergei Kiriakov
- Valeri Kleimyonov
- Valery Korolenkov
- Igor Kolyvanov
- Viktor Losev
- Alekper Mamedov
- Andrei Mokh
- Eduard Mudrik
- Aleksandr Novikov (footballer)
- Vladimir Pilguy
- Yuri Semin
- Viktor Tsarev
- Kakhaber Tskhadadze
- Aleksandr Uvarov (footballer)
- Andrei Yakubik
- Mikhail Yakushin
- Gennady Yevriuzhikin
- Vladimir Beschastnykh
- Dmitri Bulykin
- Pyotr Bystrov
- Dmitri Cheryshev
- Igor Dobrovolsky
- Andrey Eshchenko
- Sergei Grishin
- Rolan Gusev

- Andrei Ivanov (footballer born 1967)
- Yuri Kalitvintsev
- Yevgeni Kharlachyov
- Anton Khazov
- Valeri Kleimyonov
- Andrey Kobelev
- Sergei Kolotovkin
- Erik Korchagin
- Yuri Kovtun
- Sergei Ovchinnikov
- Aleksandr Panov
- Nikolai Pisarev
- Vladislav Radimov
- Igor Simutenkov
- Igor Sklyarov
- Alexey Smertin
- Oleg Teryokhin
- Omari Tetradze
- Akhrik Tsveiba
- Roman Berezovsky
- Dmitriy Kramarenko
- Vasily Khomutovsky
- Aliaksandr Kulchiy
- Maksim Romaschenko
- Sergei Shtanyuk
- Gennady Tumilovich
- Otar Khizaneishvili
- Kakhaber Tskhadadze
- Ruslan Baltiev
- Andrejs Prohorenkovs
- Deividas Česnauskis
- Mindaugas Kalonas
- Marius Kazlauskas
- Tadas Labukas
- Robertas Poškus
- Deividas Šemberas
- Tomas Tamošauskas
- Darius Žutautas
- Alexandr Covalenco
- Maxym Levitsky
- Yevhen Lutsenko
- Dmytro Parfenov
- Vyacheslav Sviderskiy

- Erich Brabec
- Martin Hašek
- Martin Hyský
- Stanislav Vlček
- Martin Zbončák
- Giourkas Seitaridis
- Radoslav Batak
- Derlei
- Costinha
- Danny Alves
- Luís Loureiro
- Maniche
- Almani Moreira
- Nuno Frechaut
- Jorge Ribeiro
- Nuno Espírito Santo
- Vidak Bratić
- Ognjen Koroman
- Ivan Vukomanović
- Michal Hanek
- Zsolt Hornyak

South America
- Francisco Lima
- Alberto Luis de Souza
- Gustavo Franchin Schiavolin
- Jean Ferreira Narde
- Jorge Luiz dos Santos Dias
- Thiago Emiliano da Silva
- Andrés Augusto Mendoza

- Baffour Gyan
- Joseph Enakarhire
- Patrick Ovie
- Pascal Mendy
- Dillon Sheppard

- Luke Wilkshire

Club Record Holders

Most league games for Dynamo

Aleksandr Novikov (footballer): 327
Lev Yashin: 326
Valeri Maslov: 319
Aleksandr Makhovikov: 287
Gennady Yevriuzhikin: 283
Viktor Anichkin: 282
Sergei Nikulin: 280
Viktor Tsaryov: 279
Andrei Kobelev: 253
Aleksei Petrushin: 244
Aleksandr Tochilin: 239
Igor Chislenko: 229
Vladimir Pilguy: 223
Vasili Trofimov: 216
Valeri Zykov: 213
Vsevolod Blinkov: 211
Mikhail Semichastny: 210
Aleksandr Minayev: 209
Sergei Solovyov (footballer): 209
Aleksandr Bubnov: 206

Most league goals for Dynamo

Sergei Solovyov (footballer): 135
Konstantin Beskov: 93
Vasili Kartsev: 72
Valeri Gazzayev: 70
Vasili Trofimov: 69
Igor Chislenko: 68
Oleg Teryokhin: 67
Vladimir Ilyin: 63
Vladimir Savdunin: 63
Vladimir Kozlov (footballer): 58
Gennady Yevriuzhikin: 54
Aleksandr Borodyuk: 53
Yuri Vshivtsev: 53
Mikhail Semichastny: 52
Valeri Maslov: 50
Sergei Ilyin: 49
Genrikh Fedosov: 48
Yuri Avrutsky: 46
Andrei Kobelev: 46
Igor Simutenkov: 44
Mikhail Yakushin: 44

Head coaches

- 1936 Konstantin Kvashnin
- 1937 Viktor Dubinin
- 1938 Mikhail Tovarovsky
- 1939 Viktor Dubinin
- 1939 Viktor Teterin
- 1939 Lev Korchebokov
- 1940-1944 Boris Arkadyev
- 1944 Lev Korchebokov
- 1944-1950 Mikhail Yakushin
- 1950-1951 Viktor Dubinin
- 1952-1953 Mikhail Semichastny
- 1953-1960 Mikhail Yakushin
- 1961 Vsevolod Blinkov
- 1962-1965 Aleksandr Ponomaryov
- 1965-1966 Vyacheslav Solovyov
- 1967-1972 Konstantin Beskov
- 1973-1974 Gavriil Kachalin
- 1975-1979 Aleksandr Sevidov
- 1979 Viktor Tsaryov
- 1980 Yevgeni Goryansky
- 1980-1983 Vyacheslav Solovyov
- 1983 Vadim Ivanov
- 1983-1985 Aleksandr Sevidov
- 1985-1987 Eduard Malofeyev
- 1987-1990 Anatoliy Byshovets
- 1990-1991 Semyon Altman
- 1991-1993 Valery Gazzaev
- 1993 Adamas Golodets
- 1994-1995 Konstantin Beskov
- 1995-1998 Adamas Golodets
- 1998-1999 Georgi Yartsev
- 1999 Aleksei Petrushin
- 2000-2001 Valery Gazzaev
- 2001-2002 Aleksandr Novikov (footballer)
- 2002-2003 Viktor Prokopenko
- 2003-2004 Jaroslav Hřebík
- 2004 Viktor Bondarenko
- 2004-2005 Oleg Romantsev
- 2005 Ivo Wortmann
- 2005 Andrei Kobelev
- 2006 Yuri Semin
- 2006-present Andrei Kobelev

Youth coaches

As of May 2009, as per

- U-18 (b. 1992) Aleksandr Novikov (footballer)
- U-17 (b. 1993) Yuri Baturenko
- U-16 (b. 1994) Leonid Ablizin
- U-15 (b. 1995) Mikhail Galaktionov
- U-13 (b. 1997) Kirill Novikov
- U-12 (b. 1998) Gennadi Usenko
- U-11 (b. 1999) Aleksei Sherstnyov
- U-10 (b. 2000) Vladimir Nikolayevich Smirnov
- U-9 (b. 2001) Sergei Stukashov
- U-8 (b. 2002) Dmitri Ivlev

Team trivia

- British diplomat R. H. Bruce Lockhart – who played the 1912 championship season for OKS Moskva – was arrested, tried, and sentenced to death in 1918 for his role in an alleged plot to kill Vladimir Lenin. He was saved when the United Kingdom exchanged him for Maxim Litvinov.

- Notable Portugal players, Maniche and Costinha, and Greece defender, Giourkas Seitaridis have played at this club. The three players were signed by the club from F.C. Porto.

- In 1963 Dynamo's goalkeeper Lev Yashin was voted Europe's Best Football Player by the French weekly France Football.

- In 2008 Dynamo's midfielder Danny Alves was bought by FC Zenit St. Petersburg for the record €30 million, making this transfer the most expensive in the history of Russian football.

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