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Feirense is a football (soccer) club from Portugal.

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About Feirense

Clube Desportivo Feirense, commonly known as CD Feirense or just Feirense, is a Portugal association football team founded on 19 March 1918 from the town of Santa Maria da Feira Municipality. Feirense is currently playing the Portuguese Liga and finished 2nd in the 2010–11 Liga de Honra season. Their current chairman is Rodrigo Nunes Silva Abelha and their current manager is Quim Machado. The club currently plays at the Estádio Marcolino de Castro with a capacity of 5,500 spectators. The club currently has a sponsorship deal with Adidas.


The Estádio Marcolino de Castro is a multi-use stadium in the town of Santa Maria da Feira. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of Feirense, who play in the Portuguese Liga. The stadium is capable of holding other sporting events. It's capacity for a football match is 5,500 spectators. Estádio Marcolino de Castro was built in 1962 when Feirense was promoted for the very first time to the top-flight Portuguese Liga.


One of the first initiatives of its founders, Luis Amorim, Artur Bastos, Luis Cadilon and Arthur Lee, was to acquire a land where he was to be built the first playground in the woods, Picalhos place near the railway Valley Vouga. In 1924 he was made a lease of land and started embankments and soon began to take place and the first few games against the Lourosa May 4, 1924 in which the Feirense won 2-1.The first President was Feirense Alcides Machado da Silva and took office on December 30, 1924. In 1926 and since then has kept the Feirense, created a committee with the aim of acquiring a new site with better conditions for a new field, having managed in the Place of Montinho, more so in the center of the Town of Fair, belonging to Mr. Simon Adriano Curiously, this time the Feirense fitted with red and black sweater with vertical stripes.On March 2, 1931 opened the field of Montinho with a selection match between FC Porto and Aveiro, and that year went to equip it with a blue shirt, black shorts and black socks. In the 1931/32 season CDFeirense first participated in a tournament, debuting in the championship of the promotion of Aveiro, the lower division of the district, being defeated 2-1 in the first official game in the field of Cortegaça.Since the late 30s and until 1950 the Feirense went through various difficulties and the main note of relief was the creation of the first emblem of CDFeirense designed by Antonio da Costa. The Feirense continued its participation in the championships district of Aveiro and January 15, 1955 Marcolino Castro is elected for the 1st time President of Feirense (that has happened for more than 5 times and a total of 9 seasons) and the team started to equip with blue shirt, white shorts and the next year got the 1st time the establishment and participation in the national championship of the 3rd Division, being the first game played in Avintes.In March 1956 was initiated by the club's youth department with the creation of the team of juniors. In 1958 approved the first statutes of the club, the flag's colors and design for the new badge, authored by Dr. Humberto de Paiva. In the 1959/60 season Feirense has won the first district champion of Aveiro and at the same time played the 3rd Division, managing to climb to the 2nd Division also at the same time. The Feirense repeat the title of district champion of Aveiro in seasons 1965/66 and 1967/68.In 1960/61, there was the first participation in the National League division 2. In the early 60th Feirense lived one of the best periods in its history that went for victory in the northern part of the 2nd Division, inauguration of the current stadium and Marcolino Castro premiere at the 1st National Division in 1962/63. In 1968/69, the Feirense won his first title of the Aveiro district youth in the juvenile level. In 1969 Arthur Eng Brandão, patron of our training school, was elected the 1st time Chairman of the Board, which happened 4 more times and a total of 9 times.

Arthur and Marcolino Brandão de Castro were the Presidents who were more years at the helm of the club. In season 1975/76 the club's youth were in evidence on the presence of our youth team in the final of the National 2nd division held in Tomar. In 1976/77 the Feirense wins the central area of the 2nd division next season and race for the 2nd time the national championship in Division 1. In season 1982/83, the youth, the team of juvenile Feirense after winning the same titles district, disputed the semi-finals of the National Youth Cup.On September 22, 1987 Feirense the 1st time has a field of natural grass turf with the inauguration of the stadium Marcolino Castro. In season 1988/89, the Feirense winner is again the center region of the 2nd division next season and race for the 3rd time the national championship in Division 1.In 1990, Fernando Carvalho da Feirense's cycling team won the 52nd back to Portugal in cycling. In 1990/91 the Feirense contest the semi finals of the Cup of Portugal with FC Porto. After the draw at the end of extra time forced the second game in the Antas stadium which was eventually eliminated. In this year also participated for the 1st time in 2 then created division of honor.In 1996 he was assigned to the CD Feirense medal for sporting merit by the secretary of state of the sport.After several district titles won by the club's youth, we have since the 1999/2000 season on staying at the same time of 3 levels (junior, youth and started) in the national championships, the unique situation in the district in so many consecutive years, continuing to gain Titles on children and schools. Was created in 2000 by Rodrigo Nunes, then responsible for the Juvenile Department, the training school Arthur Brandao. In 2001 he took possession for the first time Rodrigo Nunes, the current President of Feirense and presented his model of the sport of golf, the club anthem written by the late Ernesto Campos, the monthly magazine Feirense Magazine", the 1st Gala club, the party Christmas and amended the statutes and emblem. At this time the Feirense revitalized the gym and set the terms of swimming, cycling and handball. In the 2002/03 season rose again to the 2nd Division of honor. In June 2003, Rodrigo Nunes is elected for a 2nd term. This would be unprecedented, as no previous president had been elected two consecutive mandates. In late 2004 the Feirense, presented the 1st phase of the new Sports Complex, and from there all the athletes of the club began to train and play only on lawns natural and synthetic, unique in Portugal even in clubs called major (Benfica, Sporting, Porto). In June 2005, Rodrigo Nunes is the third consecutive elected President of the Board for more than a full biennium and it will be at the helm of the Feirense for 6 consecutive years, a situation that has never happened before. In the 2007/08 season, the senior team handball went to the 2nd Division. In the 2011/12 the main soccer team participates in the Portuguese Liga, with Rodrigo Nunes still at the helm.

Squad changes 2011–12

- Douglas Pajetat - S.C. Freamunde
- Willian Alves - Rio Branco Sport Club
- Miguel Queiros - F.C. Paços de Ferreira
- Miguel Pedro - Anorthosis Famagusta FC
- Cris - Asteras Tripoli F.C.
- Jonathan - Lusitânia F.C.
- Jeferson - Grêmio Esportivo Anápolis
- Hélder Castro - FC Universitatea Cluj
- Diogo Rosado - Sporting Clube de Portugal
- João Ricardo - S.C. Espinho
- Tiago André Coelho Lopes - F.C. Porto
- Fernando Varela - C.D. Trofense
- Stopira - Deportivo de La Coruña
- Hugo Costa - Varzim S.C.
- Anderson Melo - Grêmio Esportivo Anápolis
- Bedi Buval - Lechia Gdańsk
- Edmar Figueira - Pune F.C.
- Bastian Hohmann - SV Germania Schöneiche

- Joel Neves - S.C. Covilhã
- Diogo Fonseca - C.D. Aves
- Marco Sousa - Boavista F.C.
- Élvis Alves Pereira - C.D. Trofense
- Marco Cadete - C.D. Fátima
- Vítor Hugo - Anadia
- Ministro - São João de Ver
- Chapinha - São João de Ver
- João Pedro - São João de Ver
- Cardoso - São João de Ver
- Pedro Miguel da Câmara Pinheiro - S.C. Salgueiros
- Roberto Alcântara Ballesteros - F.C. Arouca
- Bruno - Oliveira de Frades
- João Ricardo - Gondomar S.C.
- João Couras - A.A. Avanca
- Moisés - Leixões S.C.
- Rui Sacramento - A.D. Camacha
- Hugo Costa - C.D. Tondela
- Coelho - Gondomar S.C.
- Edmar Figueira - FC Ceahlăul Piatra Neamț
- Willian - Santa Cruz Futebol Clube

Player of the Year

As of 4th of February 2012, 12:33 (UTC)

- Filipe Anunciação
- Hélder Godinho
- Jorge Leitão
- José Vítor Moreira Semedo
- Paulo Jorge Carreira Nunes
- Paulo Lopes
- Filipe Pastel
- Renato Queirós
- Rui Correia

- Rui Dolores
- Sérgio Filipe da Silva Barge
- Klevis Dalipi
- Baltemar Brito
- Charles Dias de Oliveira
- Djalmir Vieira Andrade
- Eric Freire Gomes
- Jardel Pereira de Souza
- Leandro Almeida Silva (footballer born 1977)
- Luiz António Gaino Júnior

- Marco Tiago
- Roberto Alcântara Ballesteros
- William Alves (footballer born 1987)
- Wilson Antônio
- Bassey William Andem
- Loukima Tamoukini
- Mamadi Baldé
- Henry Makinwa
- Aleksandr Kuzmichyov
- Lee Hyung-Sang

Notable former managers

- Henrique Nunes (1987-1991)
- Henrique Nunes (1991-1993)
- Henrique Nunes (1994-1997)
- Henrique Nunes (1998-2000)
- Chiquinho Carioca (2000)
- Henrique Nunes (2001-2002)
- Henrique Nunes (2002-2003)
- Henrique Nunes (2003-2005)

- Henrique Nunes (2005-2007)
- Luís Miguel (2007-2008)
- Álvaro Magalhães (2008)
- Henrique Nunes (2008)
- Francisco Chaló (2008-2010)
- Carlos Garcia (2010)
- Quim Machado (2010-)


- Liga de Honra: Runner-up 2010–11
- Portuguese Second Division: 1961–62,1976–77 , 2002–03

League and Cup history


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