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Cádiz is a football (soccer) club from Spain.

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About Cádiz

Cádiz Club de Fútbol, S.A.D. is a List of football clubs in Spain based in Cádiz, in the autonomous community of Andalusia. Founded in 1910, it currently plays in Segunda División B, holding home games at Estadio Ramón de Carranza, with a 22,000-seat capacity.

Salvadoran legend Mágico González, who played for the club during the '80s/'90s, is widely recognized as the greatest player to have ever played for the team.


Cádiz first reached La Liga in 1977–78 La Liga, after having spent two decades in the Segunda División. Relegated after just one season, it returned in 1980, managing a further 13-year stay.

Often led by the skills of El Salvador Mágico González, the club managed to miraculously maintain its top flight status in the 1990–91 La Liga, thanks to youth graduate Kiko (footballer) (and 25 minutes of his inspiration against Real Zaragoza), who picked up the offensive burden after González left. During the late 1980s and early 1990s the club became known as "The Yellow Submarine", due to its capacity of "coming afloat" every year at the end of each season and remain in the top division, despite having been "sunk down" during most of the campaign.

However, in just two seasons, Cádiz dropped down two levels. After a long spell in Segunda División B the club was finally promoted in 2003, spectacularly 2004–05 Segunda División, after taking the championship with a last-day victory at neighbours Xerez CD.

However, Cádiz was eventually relegated back to the second tier, in the 37th and penultimate matchday of 2005–06 La Liga. For the following campaign, former Spain national football team Oliverio Jesús Alvarez González took the reins of the team, being sacked after only a few months.

In June 2008, Cádiz dropped another level, returning to the Second B. However, after just 2008–09 Segunda División B, it managed to return to the second division, but was immediately relegated in the 2009–10 Segunda División.

Season to season

- 36 seasons in Segunda División
- 11 seasons in Segunda División B
- 11 seasons in Tercera División
- 2 seasons in Divisiones Regionales de Fútbol

Promotions and relegations

- Promoted to Segunda División: 1935–36, 1954–55, 2002–03, 2008–09
- Relegated to Tercera División: 1942–43
- Promoted to La Liga: 1976–77, 1980–81, 2004–05
- Relegated to Segunda División: 1977–78, 1992–93, 2005–06
- Relegated to Segunda División B: 1993–94, 2007–08, 2009–10

Stadium information

- Name: Estadio Ramón de Carranza
- City: Cádiz
- Capacity: 22,000
- Inauguration: 1955
- Pitch size: 106 x 68 m

Famous players

- Armando Husillos
- Alejandro Limia
- Lucas Armando Lobos
- Matías Pavoni
- Luciano Vella
- Ariel Zárate
- Pintinho
- Darko Ljubojević
- Fernando Carvallo
- Osvaldo Hurtado
- José Julián de la Cuesta
- Goran Milanko
- Igor Štimac
- Zoran Varvodić
- Zdeněk Zlámal
- Mágico González
- Yago Alonso-Fueyo Sako

- Cherno Samba
- Sambegou Bangoura
- József Szendrei
- Haruna Babangida
- James Obiorah
- Carlos Javier Acuña
- Julio César Franco
- Jorge Domingo dos Santos
- Kamil Kosowski
- Duda (Portuguese footballer)
- Mário Silva (footballer)
- Laurenţiu Roşu
- Aleksandar Ilić (footballer)
- Nenad Mirosavljević
- Dušan Galis
- Ján Pivarník
- Antonio Bermudez Amarillo

- Carmelo Navarro Careaga
- Pedro Contreras
- Alfonso Cortijo
- Juan José Jiménez Collar
- Kiko (footballer)
- José Mejías
- Migueli
- Oli (footballer)
- Pablo Hernández Domínguez
- José María Quevedo
- Jonathan Sesma González
- Diego Tristán
- Juan Ramón Carrasco
- Fabián Estoyanoff
- Andrés Fleurquin
- Alexander Medina
- José Zalazar

- Colin Addison
- Domènec Balmanya
- José González
- Enrique Mateos
- David Vidal
- Víctor Espárrago
- Dragoslav Milosevic
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Cádiz fans are called "cadistas". They are quite famous among the country for being among the friendliest and most jovial, being voted Spain's best fans in a recent survey. At the end of 2006 Real Madrid C.F., awarded the club the title of the best fans to visit the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu - after the large numbers which travelled to support their team earlier in the year.

Despite the population of the city of Cádiz being only 120,000, the stadium sold out every match for four consecutive years. Due to work on the stadium, the Carranza has been limited to a capacity of around 20,000. Cádiz maintained an average attendance of around 17,000 in the 2006–07 Segunda División - spectacular when compared with the more modest league average of around 7,000 in the second division.

Unlike other stadiums, supporters cheer opposition teams and players and sing songs such as, "Alcohol alcohol alcohol, hemos venido a emborracharnos el resultado nos da igual!" translating - "Alcohol alcohol alcohol, we came here to get drunk and the result doesn't matter!"; the tune was started somewhere during 2001–02, with the club in the third division, subsequently expanding all over Europe.

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