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LKS Lódz

LKS Lódz is a football (soccer) club from Poland.

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About LKS Lódz

ŁKS Łódź (Łódzki Klub Sportowy) is a Polish Sports Club which is publicly owned by Łódź City Council. They are best known for their football (soccer) club but are represented in many sports such as basketball, volleyball, tennis, track and field athletics and in the past ice hockey The club is based at Al. Unii Lubelskiej 2 in the West of Łódź, Poland. The club was founded in 1908.

In 2009 the new Arena Łódź was completed adjacent to the football stadium. It is an indoor arena and has already hosted international events in basketball, volleyball and boxing. The City council intend to construct a brand new stadium on the site of the current football stadium. It is intended to be complete in time for Euro 2012. Although Lodz is not a host city it is hoped the failure by the Ukraine to be ready on time will lead to Poland hosting the entire tournament on its own and therefore requiring more host cities. There are currently 4 Polish host cities (Warsaw, Gdańsk, Poznań, Wrocław)and 2 back-up cities (Kraków, Chorzów), but 7-8 stadia would be required to host the tournament. It is envisioned the new stadium will hold approx 34,000 seats as required by UEFA. Due to their rivalry Widzew Łódź have ruled out using this new stadium and instead intend to rebuild their own stadium.
Support for the project has been undermined by the re-call election of the Lodz City President in early 2010. The interim president has questioned the cost of the stadium. The city has also announced a public auction for their stake in the club as they can no longer afford to cover the clubs loses. The future of the project is therefore uncertain.

Football Club

They have a fierce rivalry with cross-town club, Widzew Łódź, with the derby match between the two clubs being intense both on and off the field.

Their nickname Rycerze Wiosny (Spring Knights) has been given to them due to their usually strong performance in the second round of the league, after Winter break.


- Ekstraklasa:
- - 1st Place(2): 1958, 1998
- - 2nd Place(1): 1954
- - 3rd Place(3): 1922, 1957, 1993
- Polish Cup:
- - Winner(1): 1957
- - Finalist(1): 1994
- Polish SuperCup:
- - Finalist(2): 1994, 1998

Players out on loan

ŁKS in Europe

Notable players

- Paweł Abbott
- Stanisław Baran
- Witold Bendkowski
- Mirosław Bulzacki
- Marek Chojnacki
- Kazimierz Deyna
- Marek Dziuba
- Antoni Gałecki
- Marcin Gortat
- Robert Grzywocz

- Leszek Jezierski
- Władysław Karasiak
- Tomasz Kłos
- Władysław Król
- Jerzy Sadek
- Marek Saganowski
- Władysław Soporek
- Piotr Suski
- Igor Sypniewski

- Henryk Szczepański
- Stanisław Terlecki
- Jan Tomaszewski
- Mirosław Trzeciak
- Tomasz Wieszczycki
- Andrzej Woźniak
- Bogusław Wyparło
- Jacek Ziober
- José Paulo Bezerra Maciel Júnior

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