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Bryne FK

Bryne FK is a football (soccer) club from Norway.

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About Bryne FK

Bryne Fotballklubb is a Norway football (soccer) club from the town of Bryne. Founded in 1926, they currently play in Norwegian football's second highest division, Adeccoligaen.


Bryne spent the majority of their early years playing on a small, rented field next to Bryne Mill, before acquiring the site of their current home ground, Bryne Stadion, at the end of the 1930s. At the time of its inauguration in September 1946, the stadium's grass pitch was one of the largest in the country and a far cry from the 85x55 m dimensions of the Bryne Mill field.

Bryne Stadion is used both for football and Athletics (sport) and has a capacity of 10,000, of which 2,507 are seated. The record attendance is 13,621 paying spectators, achieved when Bryne defeated Viking F.K. on 26 May 1980, although as many as 14,500 were estimated to have attended an earlier game between the two rivals, on 9 October 1977. The club considers 13,621 to be the official record since there were only 12,236 paying spectators at this other game.

Bryne have in recent years been working towards a possible redevelopment of their home ground, alternatively the construction of a new stadium elsewhere, in order to increase turnover and conform with the Football Association of Norway requirements for hosting top tier football matches. On 14 February 2006, the club presented plans for the Jæren Arena, an 8,688-capacity stadium designed by the architects responsible for Viking Stadion, and on 12 December 2006, the club announced that it had obtained finance for the project, which is slated to cost 150 million Norwegian krone.

The intended location was on the border between the municipalities of Time, Norway, of which Bryne is the administrative centre, and Klepp. However, due to difficulties in obtaining a construction permit for the site, which is currently regulated for agricultural purposes, the club has opted for a new location about 900 m south of the old ground. Bryne aim to have the stadium completed in time for the 2008 season.


Bryne placed sixth in Adeccoligaen in 2007. It was a disappointing season for the club that is aiming for Tippeligaen. It was a turbulent season, players left and players were brought in. The players that came in before the season did not manage to set their mark on the club, and was (for the most) loaned out or sold. The season reached its bottom when head coach Magnus Johansson resigned after yet another disappointing appearance, this time against Tromsdalen. Hans Olav Frette, Johansson's precessor, came in and led the team the rest of the season.

European Cup appearances


- Norwegian Premier League:
- - Runners-up (2): 1980 Norwegian First Division, 1982 Norwegian First Division

- Norwegian Football Cup:
- - Winners (1): 1987 Norwegian Football Cup
- - Runners-up (1): 2001 Norwegian Football Cup


- Greatest home victory: 7-0 vs. F.K. Bodø/Glimt, 5 October 1980
- Greatest away victory: 5-2 vs. Fredrikstad F.K, 22 August 1976
- Heaviest home loss: 0-5 vs. Lillestrøm S.K, 8 July 2001
- Heaviest away loss: 0-9 vs. Rosenborg BK, 15 October 2000
- Highest attendance, Bryne Stadion: 13,621 vs. Viking F.K, 26 May 1980
- Highest average attendance, season: 6,283, 1977
- Most appearances, total: 596, Gabriel Høyland 1970-1986
- Most appearances, league: 227, Gabriel Høyland 1970-1986
- Most goals scored, total: 274, Johannes Vold 1961-1970
- Most goals scored, league: 59, Arne Larsen Økland 1980-1987

Recent history



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- Commitee (1926-1929)
- Andreas Gabrielsen (1930)
- Commitee (1931-1937)
- Jens Håland and commitee (1938-1939)
- Commitee (1940)
- Commitee (1945-1947)
- Alf Rasmussen and commitee (1948-1950)
- Commitee (1951-1952)
- Einar Jensen and commitee (1953)
- Inge Paulsen and commitee (1954)
- Georg Monsen (1955)
- Commitee (1956)
- Reidar Kvammen (1957)
- Commitee (1958-1959)
- Reidar Kvammen (1960-1963)
- John Larsen (1964-1965)
- Reidar Kvammen (1966)
- Olav Sigbjørnsen (1967-1968)
- Einar Jacobsen (1969)
- Olav Sigbjørnsen (1970)
- Gunnar Steen (1971-1972)
- Gustav Hult (1973)
- Claus Ellingsen (1974)

- Gustav Hult (1975-1976)
- Kjell Schou-Andreassen (1977-1979)
- Brian Green (footballer) (1980-1982)
- Kent Karlsson (1983-1985)
- Bjarne Berntsen (1986-1988)
- Arne Larsen Økland (1989-1990)
- Kjell Tennfjord (1991-1992)
- Gary Goodchild (1993-1994)
- Trond Sirevåg (1994-1996)
- Kenneth Rosén (1997-2000)
- Erik Brakstad (2001)
- Hans Olav Frette (2001)
- Gabriel Høyland (2001)
- Reine Almqvist (2001-2003)
- Hans Olav Frette (2004-2005)
- Magnus Johansson (footballer) (2006-2007)
- Hans Olav Frette (2007)
- Rolf Teigen (2008-2009)
- Trond Sirevåg (2009)
- Gabriel Høyland (2009)
- Mons Ivar Mjelde (2009)
- Tommy Bergersen (2010-)

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