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Kongsvinger IL

Kongsvinger IL is a football (soccer) club from Norway.

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About Kongsvinger IL


Kongsvinger IL has an athletics (sport) section. Until 2009, it too used Gjemselund Stadion, which got rubber track in 1986. In 2009, Gjemselund Stadion was converted to a football only stadium, forcing the athletics section to use other stadiums in the region. A new stadium for track and field is however planned.

Grete Kirkeberg is one of the most famous athletes from Kongsvinger IL.


Kongsvinger IL has multiple football teams, ranging from professional teams to children's teams. The professional men's team plays in the Norwegian Premier League, while the women play in the Second Division (third highest).

Ice hockey

Kongsvinger Knights is Kongsvinger's ice hockey team and was founded 27 January 1961. Soon after, it became part of Kongsvinger Idrettslag. They play in the Norwegian First Division (ice hockey).


There are also clubs for Team handball, skiing, skating and gymnastics.

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