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Raufoss IL

Raufoss IL is a football (soccer) club from Norway.

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About Raufoss IL

Raufoss I.L. is a sports club from Raufoss, Norway. The club was formed in 1918. It was played in Norwegian Premier League between 1937-1948 (4 seasons), between 1957–1960, in 1964 and between 1973-1974 (2 seasons).

In 2007 Raufoss returned to the First Division, after being relegated in 2004 and were able to finish in eleventh place. However, due to financial problems and failure to meet demands on infrastructure, the Football Association of Norway decided not to award Raufoss the required license for play in the top two divisions. Raufoss were demoted to the Second Division and their place given to FK Sparta Sarpsborg, who finished in thirteenth place.

The club has an athletics (sport) section, with Olympic sprinter John Ertzgaard being the most prominent member.

Recent history

- John Anders Bjørkøy (2000–03)
- Atle Maurud
- Sveinung Fjeldstad
- Pål Strand
- Svein Grøndalen
- Neil Tarrant (2003–04)
- Johan Arneng
- Gary Hamilton (2001)

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